Chapter 1: What is your ‘why’?

What is the state of CS education? – CSEdCon 2021

Understanding the current state of computer science education and where it is headed begins our journey. View the video below by scrolling forward to 21:30. Listen in on where the United States began, currently is, and where we are headed.

CSEdCon 2021

What is your state doing?

Take a closer look at what your state is doing by clicking here. Download your state report and reflect upon how you might make an impact.

Learning Journey:

We will focus on the ’roadblocks’ identified in chapter 1: getting comfortable with living in beta, fear of failure, and time. Self reflect on the following:

  • Do you enjoy living in beta?
    • If so…what personal characteristics/traits do you have that might make this easier than for you than someone who may not be comfortable or enjoy living in beta?
    • If you don’t enjoy living Beta, how might you take small steps toward gaining confidence to before comfortable?
  • Are you afraid of failure?
    • Do you feel you need to know all aspects of your content prior to teaching it to your students?
    • Does your role of teacher ever shift to the ‘lead learner’ by allowing your students to teach something you may not know? How comfortable are you with this shift?
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed with not having enough time to teach everything your district requires?
    • Are you teaching isolated skills?
    • Might there be ways in which you can combine skills and standards to make for more cohesive learning?
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