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The A.I. Lab by RobotLab is a step beyond STEM.

Our main job as education professionals is to prepare our students for the future. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already transformed our lives drastically. From car manufacturing and medicine search, to autonomous driving, sports game highlights, and hotel descriptions – all are automated, AI enabled, computer-generated texts these days.  More and more fields will be dominated by AI in the upcoming years.

Although no one knows what exactly this future will bring, and how it will look:

  • 70% of the jobs in 10 years have not been invented yet!

We know that AI will be dominant in this future. So students better be ready to master it.

The AI LAB is a turnkey, state-of-the-art modular learning space designed to enable students to rotate between the AI Stations. Each configuration includes more than 1,000 instructional hours and provides learners with practical hands-on activities exposing them to multiple disciplines and various scenarios in which artificial intelligence takes control of our lives. It gives students a unique and rich learning experience to ensure that they are ready for their careers, college, and life-in-the-2030s.

These Learning Centers are setup by RobotLab so that your teachers can walk right in and get to teaching!  They are designed to convert generic STEM concepts into real-life experiences, which put artificial intelligence at the center of learning.

You can choose from preconfigured labs or customize your own.  The customized labs are designed with products that are specifically chosen to meet your needs.  RobotLab offers multiple options including product or curriculum-only all the way to complete deployment, including furniture, networking and backup equipment, and even school-branded materials.

RobotLab Specialists can accommodate your constraints such as available space, number of students and available funding.  They truly operate with your school in mind!

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We know from personal experience that teachers sometimes feel overwhelmed by the multitude of resources available. It can take a tremendous amount of time to sift through and locate the right edtech products to use in the classroom.

To help teachers make better use of their time and resources we have vetted and curated for you this collection of educational resources to use in your classroom.

EDGEucating only recommends products that we have fully vetted and believe in as part of our endorsed products list. We want this to be a place where you can purchase with confidence!  As educators, we understand the frustration of buying a product that doesn’t live up to its promises.  Our own experiences fueled our desire to start EDGEucating and begin vetting products so that this doesn’t happen to other educators.  
This is a FREE resource for educators!  The vendors pay our fees and there is no pass-through cost for you.
In addition to vetting the products, we have secured agreements with trusted vendors who offer excellent customer service. 

The AI Lab: A STEM Learning Center

The AI Lab by RobotLab is the next generation of STEM Learning Centers.

These STEM Learning Centers are setup by RobotLab so that your teachers can walk right in and get to teaching!  They are designed to convert generic STEM concepts into real-life experiences, which put artificial intelligence at the center of learning.

RobotLab is focused on school success.

Every lab is a complete turnkey system of integrated materials, software, and online learning system, networking, and servers to backup student projects, cutting-edge equipment, and all furnishings necessary to accommodate a group size of up to 30 students.

It’s a fully integrated solution with the highest level of service quality including complete installation, professional development, and direct access to support and online resources to ensure your program success.

3 curriculum levels/labs to choose from:

  • Elementary AI Lab – Intro to AI: First steps with Artificial Intelligence.  Designed to expose students to the basic concepts in AI, Robotics, and Coding.
  • High School AI Lab – Practicing AI: Real-Life Applications with AI.  Designed to give students hands-on experience in everyday AI applications.
  • University AI Lab – Mastering AI: Designed to develop the next-gen AI. Designed to enable research and development of world-class, breakthrough, AI applications.

What’s Included:

  • Instructional materials
  • Robotics/STEM apparatus
  • Software
  • Equipment (computers, networks, furniture)
  • Curricula

Training and support for teachers is always included, regardless of the package size.

Be sure to check out our Tech Coach Playbooks for additional resources to get you started.


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