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The Dremel 3D40-EDU Idea Builder Printer for Education is designed to bring that extra layer of interaction to the classroom. The 3D40-EDU Idea Builder Printer is packed with features to assist the educator and includes the accessories and tools you need to get started in the world of 3D building, including extra filament and a USB flash drive with curriculum-based models. With a large build capacity, you can build bigger projects inside the fully enclosed, illuminated workspace with a cooling system that prevents object warping and keeps your builds precise. Design and edit your models with the included Print Studio software by AutoDesk, and control the building process using a full-color touchscreen. And when the build is done, retrieve your object using the convenient removable build platform. The large, clear, hinged door and lid permit unobstructed viewing of the build operation so you can always see inside without compromising the build environment.

Most 3D printer manufacturers are startups, founded by enthusiasts, and are solely or primarily focused on 3D printing. Dremel, the 86-year-old Illinois-based toolmaker, is a notable exception. The company primarily makes rotary power tools such as screwdrivers, drills, and sanders. Dremel has a stellar reputation as a tool manufacturer, with its products earning numerous editorial awards from Popular Mechanics and specialized tool and building publications and sites.  They have designed their 3D printers with the same stellar quality!

Implement 3D printing in the classroom with the new Dremel Digilab 3D40 printer that offers high performance and includes everything you need for your makerspace.  An affordable suite of maker space products, from one of the world-leading tools manufacturers. Any maker-space needs 3-D Printers, Laser Cutters, and easy to use software that allows the students tinker and reinvent the world around them.

An affordable 3D printer opens up unlimited learning opportunities for students. 3D printing provides students with opportunities to experiment with ideas, expanding and growing their creativity. It is not easy to have young students figure things out without the benefit of visualization. A visual learning environment improves their understanding of the world, being able to touch and see their projects.  3D printers open up new opportunities for presenting information to young students in an economical and efficient manner.

Feeding students’ creativity skills can help develop a passion for original thinking and creativity that can later be applied in business. 3D printing promotes students’ achievements and also prepares them for a college education. They develop the confidence that allows them to pursue challenging courses such as those in STEAM fields.  – from THE TOP 5 BENEFITS OF 3D PRINTING IN EDUCATION

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The Dremel 3D40 EDU is a perfect choice for schools looking to get 3D printing into the curriculum for the first time.  They will find this model an easy fit for several reasons. The 3D40 is a snap to set up and use, and overall print quality is good with few misprints. Also, it employs user-friendly software based on the same Cura open-source platform that many popular 3D printers use. Connect the Dremel 3D40 EDU via Ethernet, USB, or Wi-Fi, or by plugging in a USB thumb drive containing the source file to be printed.


  • 1 Dremel 3D Printer 3D40
  • Software
  • Curriculum
  • 3 Spools of Filament
  • 1 Extra build Tape
  • 1 Extra build platform
  • 4- hour professional development course (with certification)
  • 1 year-warranty and RobotLAB Support

Dremel 3D40 EDU Main Features

  • Ability to create models and prototypes
  • Mobile/Stationary: Stationary
  • Training: No training required
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

Dremel products are put through thousands of hours of testing to create the most reliable 3D printers on the market.

Dremel’s easy-to-use DigiLab 3D40 Flex 3D Printer has user-friendly software, good output quality, and a wide mix of connectivity options. It’s an excellent choice for classroom use.

Dremel 3D40 Key Features:

  • Simple setup.
  • User-friendly software.
  • Solid print quality.
  • A flexible build plate makes object removal easy.
  • Multiple connection choices.
  • Limited to PLA filament.

*This product is rated for Middle School, High School, and College, however, we feel this is suitable for upper elementary as low as 3rd grade depending on the student’s experience.

The DigiLab Dremel 3D40 is a more basic variant of the 3D45, geared to classrooms rather than professional use. The 3D40 Flex is similar to the 3D45, though it’s limited to using polylactic acid (PLA) filament rather than the wide range of thermoplastic filament that is a hallmark of the 3D45. Additionally, this model doesn’t have the 720p camera that lets 3D45 users remotely monitor a print job. The 3D40 offers convenience features, such as a high-speed, low-quality “draft” print mode and a flexible steel build plate that printed objects snap right off of. It makes a good choice for school environments.

See the review from PC Mag HERE.

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