Elementary Robotics Camp

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The Elementary Robotics Summer Camp is a perfect introduction to robotics for students in Grades 3-8. Students will learn scientific principles as they build over 40 robots including a Dragonfly, a Spider, a Surfer, a Bell, a Water Mill, an Airplane, a Fox, a Giraffe, an Elephant, a Fencer, a Goalkeeper, a Skater, a Skier, a Striker, a Swimmer, a Tennis Player, a Weight Lifter, a Rocking Chair, a Windmill, a Boat, a Helicopter, a Bicycle, an Airplane, a Motorcycle, a See-Saw, a Viking, a Catapult, a Car, a ScissorsBot, a Shoveling Machine, a Copy Machine, a Manual Fan, a Dancing Clown, a 4-legged crawler, a motor Helicopter, a BettleBot, a Troublemaker, a Line Tracer, a Brick Board, a Remote Control Car, an Avoider, a Spider SoccerBot, and a Scorpion Soccerbot. The step-by-step curriculum will lead you through 12 weeks of instruction for 20 students. All activities are available in Google 3D Warehouse and you can build your own 3D models to better understand the engineering process.

Achieve an understanding of the framework structure when manufacturing basic models such as common block products. Your Students can learn how to make a robot move while using a propeller with a rubber band.  You can create a model using an engine or two motors, sensors, and remote control.

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The bundle is made of 10 Robotic Kits that include in total:

  • 10 Main Controllers
  • 10 Remote Controllers
  • 10 Remote Signal Receivers
  • 30 IR-Photo TR Sensors
  • 20 DC Motors & 40 DC Motor Shafts
  • 200 Bricks
  • 660 Frames
  • 260 Axis & 300 Bushings
  • 40 Gears, 40 Wheels & 40 Rubber Shoes
  • 340 Decoration Sheets
  • 80 Spacers, 100 Locking Nuts, 500 Bolts, and 300 Nuts
  • 20 Tools
  • 10 Toolboxes
  • 1 Digital Curriculum (unlimited downloads)
  • 1-year Warranty and RobotLAB Support

For over a decade, RobotLAB has been leading the Educational Robotics market with an innovative approach that makes Robotics and VR truly useful in the hands of educators.  RobotLedicated to making robots smart and useful, supporting businesses and educational entities in their journey into the 21st-century user experience. As the leading educational-robotics company, RobotLAB is providing schools and universities with AI-LABs, equipped with robotics technologies, that empower educators and engage students with the most important skills for this generation: robotics, coding, and programming.

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