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This comprehensive Bundle brings coding to life for K-5 kids, featuring accessories like the Sketch Kit that transforms Dash Robot into a drawing machine. With additional components like the Launcher and Gripper Building Kit, children learn coding concepts through self-directed play and guided challenges using Wonder Workshop’s free apps like Blockly. The package also includes a 5-student license to Make Wonder, offering access to Virtual Dash robot, programming app accounts, and trackable activities, making it ideal for homeschooling.


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This Bundle includes our full suite of accessories for bringing coding to life for kids in grades K-5! Great for homeschoolers, this pack puts the A back in STEAM by including Sketch Kit, the harness and marker which turn the award-winning Dash Robot into a drawing machine. Also included are a Launcher, the Gripper Building Kit, and a pair of Building Brick Connectors – the perfect way to get the full suite of accessories!
Using one of Wonder Workshop’s free apps, like Blockly or Wonder, kids ages 6-11 can program Dash to move, sing, dance, flash its lights, respond to voices, make sounds, and even tell a story. Dash does not contain a camera. this Wonder Pack includes a Teacher Success Pack, with a 5-student license to Make Wonder.
Great for homeschooling, children learn coding concepts like sequencing, events, loops, algorithms, operations, and variables through self-directed play and guided challenges.
Also included is a 5-student license to Make Wonder, which provides access to a Virtual Dash robot that is programmable onscreen, accounts in the programming app, Coding Pathways, our online coding lessons, and tons of assignable and trackable activities.

Hardware included:

1 – Dash robot
1 – Sketch Kit
1 – Launcher
1 – Gripper Building Kit
2 – Building Brick Connectors

Software Included:

Class Connect
5 student accounts so kids can share devices while preserving their own progress as they work through puzzles and activities
Progress tracking and student management perfect for homeschooling


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