Robo E4 Pro and MyStemKits School Plan Bundle with Material

Empower Your Classroom with the Robo E4 Pro and MyStemKits School Plan Bundle

Inspire Innovation in the Classroom

The Robo E4 Pro and MyStemKits School Plan Bundle offers a complete solution to transform STEM education. Tailored for K-12 students, this bundle integrates cutting-edge 3D printing technology with a comprehensive curriculum to enhance learning and creativity. This bundle is designed to provide an immersive and comprehensive STEM learning experience. Equip your classroom with the tools and curriculum necessary to inspire and educate the next generation of innovators.


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Bundle Components

  • 3D Printers: Two Robo E4 Pro 3D printers
  • Materials: Two 10-packs of PLA filament in a variety of colors (500g spools)
  • Curriculum: MyStemKits School Plan with 3-year access for up to 10 licenses, offering unlimited kit printing and design challenge access

Curriculum Features

  • Extensive Library: Access to over 450 lessons and 30+ design challenges
  • Standards-Driven: Aligned with Common Core, NGSS, and state standards
  • Comprehensive Resources: Includes teacher guides, student handouts, assessments, answer keys, ready-to-print models, and instructional videos
  • Engaging Content: Promotes deep conceptual understanding in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Why Choose This Bundle?

The Robo E4 Pro and MyStemKits bundle is tailored for educational environments, providing robust support and resources to enhance the learning experience. With user-friendly 3D printers and a rich library of curriculum, this bundle ensures students develop critical skills in a hands-on, engaging manner.


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