Bring real autonomous driving into your classroom!

Zumi, she’s the car that learns as you learn, here to make AI approachable for everyone. Whether you use an Alexa, own a Tesla, play mobile games, or use Google Maps, artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Like coding, soon knowing about AI will make you better at your job no matter what kind of work you do. Knowing how to use it will be an integral skill in tomorrow’s workplace. Zumi will help make something that’s normally complicated into something approachable.

AI can be an abstract and complicated subject, but Zumi is here to help. Help her learn more about the world she lives in so she can navigate more, and you’ll also learn skills that will soon become an integral skill set for the future.

Zumi is the Winner of the CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award!

This award-winning, dynamic little bot is so cute and teaches AI in a way that I have not seen implemented anywhere else. As an EdTech enthusiast, I know my robots. This one is small in size but powerful in capabilities. The lessons make learning highly engaging and the platform is very easy to use. RoboLink’s lesson platform walks you through using Zumi and writing code step by step in a very easy-to-use fashion.

Zumi comes with step-by-step tutorials and a curriculum that teaches coding and AI concepts.  Also, Zumi won’t break the bank! Designed using open-source technologies, Zumi is affordable so that everyone can play. It’s a small investment to become an AI wizard of the future.

The Zumi Educator Kit is sold in sets of 10, one Zumi per student.  In addition, it includes 4hrs of Virtual Professional Development per order.  Robolink’s tech education specialists will help you get your STEM program up and running. They’ll guide you through your hardware setup, project ideas, classroom management, advanced topics, troubleshooting, and how to align your lessons with your curriculum.

Recommended Zumi-to-Student Ratio

  • 1:1 Zumi-to-student ratio if the students keep the Zumi kits.
  • Up to a 1:2 Zumi-to-student ratio if the students don’t keep the Zumi kits. Recommended no more than 2 students to a Zumi.
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Zumi Purchase Options:

Zumi is also available for purchase in classroom and educator kits.

Zumi is a friendly, self-driving car kit that makes learning about artificial intelligence (AI) accessible to both kids and adults.  She is a fantastic starter drone and operates well with Blockly and Python programming. It also functions on Mac, PC, and Chromebook, making it incredibly versatile for any and all who want to explore the basics of drones and coding.

It is equipped with a 60-minute battery life ensuring tons of fun, and educational opportunities. Additionally, she has a 720p camera for object tracking and facial detection to allow for efficient navigation.  RoboLink knows that AI is a complex topic, so they include step-by-step tutorials and a full education standards-aligned curriculum that walks you through what AI is, how it works, and how it can be used to solve real-world issues.

This is an AI robot built with education in mind!

EDGEucating recommends Zumi for Middle School and above.

What’s Included:

  • Each individual Zumi includes:
    • 1 Zumi shell
    • 1 Chassis
    • 1 Zumi mainboard
    • 1 Raspberry Pi Zero
    • 1 OLED screen
    • 1 Pi Camera
    • 1 Pi Cam ribbon cable
    • 1 microSD card
    • 1 LiPo battery (battery life is approximately 1 hour)
    • 2 DC motors
    • 2 wheels
    • 1 mounting bracket
    • Screws and standoffs
    • 1 jumper wire
    • 1 USB cable
    • 1 screwdriver
    • Color activity cards
    • Access to the Zumi dashboard

Zumi’s are packaged individually and sold together in sets of 10.  Battery life is approximately 1 hour.

These cars do not come preassembled. You will need to build the bot. This could be a good thing for older students, as they will clearly understand its inner workings. However, for anyone below about 13 or 14, this could be a challenging task, due to the intricate nature and the small part sizes that you must work with. If you are purchasing for a younger child be mindful that someone else will likely need to construct it for them and then they will be set to learn.

Click here to see Zumi in action.

Available Accessories:

We recommend that you check out the following Zumi accessories and competition opportunities to get the most out of your classroom experience.


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