STEAM Integration Course Overview

Course Description:

Research has shown that students who have access to the arts, as well as science and math, are more invested in learning, more motivated to come to school, and more apt to perform better in all subjects. That’s why STEAM education is becoming more common across the globe. STEAM Integration explores the theories, connections, creation, practice, & assessment of integrating STEAM in the classroom.  Educators will learn how to incorporate various standards within the STEAM content areas through project-based learning frameworks to create truly authentic STEAM teaching experiences.  Educators will walk away from this course with a series of strategies and resources that will empower them to create a STEAM classroom initiative that works for them and their students.

 If you’d like to learn more about STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) and how to incorporate it into your teaching, this online professional development course is for you.

Course outcomes:

  1. Learn What STEAM Practices are and how to use them to benefit your students  
  2. Learn the process necessary to design a STEAM lesson and become a STEAM focused Teacher
  3. Understand how focusing on and integrating the Elements of STEAM will help your students achieve meaningful learning.
  4. Understand how important the technology component of STEAM is to the learning process.
  5. Learn how to properly create a STEAM rubric for assessment.
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