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As part of the education industry for decades, we have experienced the challenges and frustrations of acquiring and implementing new technology firsthand. We have always been passionate about education and positive change. This is what led us to become consultants and education influencers. Helping others create inclusive, cutting-EDGE classrooms within their budget is what we love doing. This was our mission within our own schools and continues to be our mission as we work with schools around the United States. This passion is what sets us apart.

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EDGEucating is dedicated to innovation in K-12 education, achieved through thought leadership, professional development, resource curation, curriculum development, and collaboration with organizations around the world.

Vetted Teaching Products

Using our classroom experience, we vet educational products, ensuring they meet academic needs. Our rating system, supported by research and testing, aids educators in efficient, confident purchases.

Teaching Strategies & Programs

We offer comprehensive guidance to educators for advancing their classrooms and curriculum, with a particular emphasis on integrating STEAM, project-based learning, and educational technology.

Curriculum Development

We collaborate with top institutions to help organizations develop innovative, collaborative lesson plans, redefining STEM/STEAM and Computational Thinking education for the modern classroom.

Product Training & Support

We offer targeted training to facilitate efficient product implementation in classrooms, a practice that enhances teaching and proves beneficial for both educators and students, as informed by our extensive educational experience.

Free Resources

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5E Computational Thinking Lesson Plan Template

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5 Steps to Create a STEM Classroom Culture

Project-Based K-2 Coding Lesson Plans

Ready-to-Use Email Templates For Teachers

Equitable Playgrounds Lesson Plan

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EDGEucating endorses an array of thoroughly researched, tested, and innovative resources that keep you on the cutting EDGE of education. Our goal is to save you time and money. We do the vetting for you so that you can buy with confidence!

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Our courses are designed to help passionate educators, looking to implement cutting-EDGE strategies, create engaging, 21st-century classrooms and achieve bold results.

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