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Our mission at EDGEucating is to support educators in creating inclusive, cutting-EDGE classrooms. We highlight strategies and resources that create results-driven classrooms. We are dedicated to innovation in K-12 education, achieved through thought leadership, professional development, resource curation, curriculum development, and collaboration with organizations around the world. EDGEucating offers cutting-EDGE solutions to help educators create and execute their EdTech plans successfully, learn new strategies, and discover innovative ideas.

We have decades of experience in various areas of K-12 education, classroom management, and school leadership. We know what works and have proven track records in achieving results.

We have been classroom teachers, STEM coordinators, school leaders, education consultants, and professional development coaches and coordinators. We offer realistic strategies and solutions that empower both students and teachers.

In our various roles, we have been successful in applying the newest technology and strategies in order to transform cultures and obtain measurable results.

Innovative Growth

Innovative Growth

Innovative growth requires a specific environment in order to occur.  This environment must embrace educational technology in a method that empowers teachers and includes all students.  With guidance, educators can successfully and confidently navigate this rapidly changing educational environment.

At EDGEucating, we have led and participated in actively duplicating this innovative growth over and over again.  We have systems that are proven to get results.  We have created student-centered classroom cultures and moved the staff to more technologically driven environments.  Improved performance is consistently achieved by using our proven techniques.

In order to experience innovative growth, you need a system that works, guidance through the process, and dedication to implementing the steps.  EDGEucating can assist you with identifying your needs, developing an implementation strategy, and identifying the proper EdTech tools to get the job done.  This proven system takes you from operating reactively to operating proactively to obtain specific goals.  No more treating targeted issues!  We help you achieve true, sustainable change!

Our Story

As part of the education industry for decades, we have experienced the challenges and frustrations that come from the constant need for change. Often educators truly want change but struggle with identifying the tools or strategies to achieve it. In addition, there is always the issue of budget constraints and fears of change and technology implementation. As progressive, experienced innovators we have personally experienced all of these issues.

We have always been passionate about education and positive change.   We also understand the struggles that change can create.  The lack of time to do proper research can be a big struggle when it comes to implementing new tools in education.  Often educators will make hasty decisions due to timelines to spend money and lack of time to fully research product options.  After experiencing a hard hit to the tune of about $30,000, we were fed up with this issue and went seeking a resource.  When we could not locate a resource that was simply neutrally vetting education products, not selling them, we knew this was something that was needed.  EDGEucating was developed as a result of this very need.  


This is what led us to become consultants and education influencers. Helping others create inclusive, cutting-EDGE classrooms with the best tools and within their budget is what we love doing. This was our mission within our own schools and continues to be our mission as we work with schools around the United States. 

Additionally, years of working with consultants that came in with cookie-cutter solutions who usebuzzwords and left without solving anything was overwhelmingly frustrating to us. Costly professional development that either doesn’t meet your specific needs, doesn’t work, is outdated, or does not align with your school or district’s goals is frustrating and senseless.

We began designing and conducting the majority of our professional development ourselves.  After 10 years of success within our own schools and being asked to help others, we decided it was time to offer these services to the world!

At EDGEucating, we believe that creating inclusive, cutting-EDGE classrooms requires thought leadership, professional development, resource curation, curriculum development, and collaboration. We believe that innovation in K-12 education doesn’t have to mean more time or loads of money. This is why we do the research and vetting for you. We aim to be the place that you trust for learning new strategies and discovering innovative ideas that support your EdTech implementation.

Professional Highlights

Whether it’s sharing information in blogs or videos, presenting at a conference, delivering professional development, or developing lessons and curricula, we have a passion for helping other educators!  You may have seen us at:

Why EDGEUcating

As seasoned experienced educators, we offer perspective and innovation that solves issues. We approach education with the mindset that each school is unique. Embracing your goals, priorities, and visions are of the utmost importance to us. We want to help you create and execute your strategic plans successfully by preparing you for the future. We bring our experience in innovative thinking, expert facilitation, collaborative strategies, and our extensive, proven toolkit of resources and technology, to deliver sustainable results that fit your school or district’s goals. Most importantly, we are committed to your success while making the experience enjoyable. No one wants to pay for something that they don’t enjoy!

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About Alicia Verweij

Education consultant with over a decade of experience in corporate America, successful business owner, 15+ years of teaching experience in various grade levels, professional development leader, and business consultant. Holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and an endorsement in Gifted Education. Alicia was recognized as a Leo W. Seal innovative teacher. Has published several articles for organizations such as ISTE and STEM ED magazine on the topic of technology in the classroom, and started and ran after-school STEM clubs utilizing similar lessons. She has shared her passion for integrating STEAM and Project-based learning with educators at local, state, regional, national, and international levels.

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