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EDGEucating is dedicated to innovation in K-12 education, achieved through thought leadership, professional development, resource curation, curriculum development, and collaboration with organizations around the world.

Vetted Teaching Products

The Vetted Teaching Products are complimentary services for all educators and educational organizations, providing them with expertly vetted educational products. This unique offering includes a detailed rating card for each product and directs users to recommended vendors for their purchasing needs, ensuring educators have access to high-quality, effective teaching tools without the hassle of extensive research and evaluation or pushy salespeople. We are hear to be your education advocate. Afterall, this is the reason that EDGEucating was founded.

Teaching Strategies & Programs

Our Teaching Strategies & Resources encompasses a variety of digital resources, including both complimentary and premium options, tailored to empower educators. We provide educational videos and blog articles, ensuring educators remain informed about the latest educational topics and trends. This blend of resources is designed to support and enhance teaching practices, making it easier for educators to access and apply current educational strategies and information.

Lesson & Curriculum Development

The Lesson & Curriculum Development package offers specialized services to educators, educational organizations, and edtech product vendors. This package is designed to support the creation of engaging classroom lessons and facilitate the integration of educational products into teaching. Whether you’re an educator seeking innovative lesson plans or an edtech organization aiming to enhance product usability in educational settings, our expertise in project-based learning, STEAM integration, and computational thinking ensures comprehensive support tailored to your needs.

Professional Development

The Professional Development and Product Training & Support packages offer tailored professional development solutions, available through both in-person and virtual formats. We offer both custom designed and pre-built options. Our custom service begins with a 30-45 minute Kick-off consultation to precisely tailor the training to meet your unique educational needs and challenges. Whether for educators or edtech organizations seeking to design effective training programs for their products, we provide fully customized, product or topic-focused professional development packages. While our pre-built designs are delivered via our online course modules through our online learning management system.

Webinars and Presentations

The Webinars and Presentations service package focuses on the design and delivery of webinars, conference sessions, and keynote presentations. It caters to a wide range of education topics and product showcases, ensuring each session is thoughtfully tailored to meet the specific educational and instructional needs of the audience. This service aims to provide engaging and informative sessions that contribute significantly to professional development and knowledge enhancement in the field of education.

Education Consulting

The Education Consulting package is tailored for educators, educational organizations, and edtech companies seeking expert advice and strategies to enhance educational outcomes. It includes personalized consulting sessions focusing on innovative teaching methodologies, curriculum development, technology integration, and more. Our goal is to address and overcome specific educational challenges, fostering a more effective and engaging learning environment for students.

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