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KIBO Playbook

KIBO Playbook by EDGEucating

Instructional Videos


Use the video as an introduction to learn about KIBO and how it introduces coding and sequencing to children ages 4 – 7.

Teaching Resources

KIBO Snow Plow Activity

Snow Plow Activity

The Challenge: The city is covered in snow, and KIBO will help clean up! We will build, test, and improve a KIBO snowplow using the Engineering Design Process.

Download this free sample activity  from the 2nd Edition of Kinder Lab Robotics’ popular KIBO Activity Cards for hours of student engagement and fun at school or at home with KIBO!

Design a Kibo Dancer

The Challenge: Use KIBO to repeat a pattern of blocks over and over with a repeat loop by creating a repeating dance routine.

Download this free sample activity from the 2nd Edition of Kinder Lab Robotics’ popular KIBO Activity Cards for hours of student engagement and fun at school or at home with KIBO!

KIBO Dancer Activity
Downloadable KIBO challenge Cards

Kibo Activity Cards

Download these activity cards from Rivka Heisler (SAR Academy) for self-directed / independent exploration of KIBO in an “activity corner” setting.  With these cards students can identify shapes, program, count, and much more.  Use them as a center or a main lesson, it is up to you.

Lesson Ideas

Download this X Marks the Spot Challenge

Discover all the ways to make it to the “X” marked location.  This lesson also has an accompanying video that you can watch here. It is Challenge #4, provided by Makerspace for Education.

Download the KIBO Community Lesson Plan

Using or creating a community type floor map, students can turn KIBO into a ‘car’ or ‘bus’ and make their way around the community to understand how their lives relate to a larger community and world.

KIBO Community Lesson Plan
Build a Zoo KIBO lesson

Download the KIBO Zoo Lesson Plan

KIBO can be decorated as a zoo animal the child is learning about or is interested in, they can create their “habitat” and program their KIBO to act as that animal in this STEAM activity. This lesson is aligned to the Common Core, ITEAA, and K–12 CS frameworks.

Download this Cross-Curricular Social Studies Lesson

Students will learn how to create a program to express an idea (in this case, a dance) while deepening their understanding of the music and cultural customs.

KIBO Dance Party with World Cultures
Math & Science lesson with KIBO

Download the Measure & Mark Math Lesson

Make observations and measurements of an object’s motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion.  This lesson explores Math & Science.

Download 3 Introductory 1st grade Lessons Below:

Lesson 1Lesson 2, & Lesson 3

Discover KIBO programming and movement capabilities, then continue to the concept of the repeat loop. The lessons were shared by Megan Haddadi, Head of Academic Technology at the Park School.

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