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Kai’s Clan Playbook

Kai's Clan Playbook Page

Instructional Videos


Use the video as an introduction to Kai’s Clan.  In this video you will learn how to calibrate your mat and get all setup to begin using your Kai’s Clan bots.


Teaching Resources

Community Page: Teacher Created Lessons

Looking for lesson plans created by educators?  The Kai’s Community of educators has you covered.  These lessons were created by teachers for teachers.

Kai's Clan's Free Cross Curricular Lessons by Mat

Kai’s Clan brings multiple cross-curricular learning experiences to the classroom to engage and motivate students.

  • Check out their free lessons on their platform
Kai's Clan Platform lessons
Kai's Clan jumpstart Lessons

4 Trainings to Jumpstart Your Learning

Check out the Kai’s Clan Jumpstart Lesson on their platform.  Although these lessons are designed for the educator I found them just as beneficial for my students.

Sample Mats: These are great to use with remote learners.

Download the mat(s) of your choice below.  Be sure to print them in color for best results.  Each file contains 2 mats.

Sample Mat 1
Sample Mat 2

Lesson Ideas

Log Into Kai’s App Interface

In order to access the numerous projects found in the images

Download Lesson Plan: Coding Math Facts


  • Students will utilize technology to practice basic math facts
  • Students will apply basic skills knowledge and fluently construct and solve basic math facts
  • Students will demonstrate competency in fundamental data structures and algorithms
  • Students will use simple code to operate a robot
The Global Chess Challenge in No Fear Coding

The Challenge: Participate in a Collaborative Game of Chess

Playing chess has enormous benefits! Invented more than 1500 years ago in India, not only does chess improve cognition skills such as pattern recognition, algebraic and geometric thinking, and spatial reasoning, it also helps improve the executive functioning skills of problem-solving, critical thinking, attention span, and memory capacity.  Check out Chapter 15 of No Fear Coding to see how educators all across the globe could bring children together to build their math, coding, and creativity skills by playing chess on a physical mat, as well as see their chess pieces come to life in the virtual world.

What better way to integrate the ISTE student standards than to provide all classrooms and every student across the world the opportunity to engage with a challenge that supports every one of the seven standards? In order to support building capacity for classrooms around the world, as well as teaching these essential skills in a play-based format, see the Global Collaboration Chess Challenge.

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