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EDGEucating is excited to present a free resource, “A Difference of Opinion,” a part of the Designing Peace 3Dux lesson series. This learning module takes the constructiveness of differences head-on, laying the foundation for tolerance, understanding, and coexistence despite differing opinions.

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What Does "A Difference of Opinion" Offer?

Designed for young learners, this lesson starts with the basic interpersonal challenges we face daily, like disagreements over food choices or a visit to the park. It gradually spirals into a broader perspective on the differences among us – our beliefs, heritage, appearance, and more.

Through ingeniously designed activities and thought-provoking content, learners delve into life’s most significant dilemmas—conflicts and resolutions. The session beautifully echoes the idea: different but equal.

Designing Peace with Kendra’s Story

Follow Kendra, an eight-year-old, living in a small farming village, as she embarks on a mission to design a community space that promotes unity despite diversities.

Here’s a glimpse of what learners will do:

  • Imagine, design, and build a community center
  • Describe the functions of each area of the center
  • Determine how it will aid in establishing peace

In this process, students not only sharpen their problem-solving and planning skills but also cultivate the appreciation for the uniqueness and universality of human experience.

In the quest to shape minds for a better, peaceful future, “A Difference of Opinion: Designing Peace 3Dux lesson” with EDGEucating unravels experiences that lend themselves to case studies in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Let’s embark on this exciting journey of understanding and appreciating our differences while also discovering peace amidst them.

Cultivate Empathy, Nurture Unity

Join us today and unlock the door to a world where “Difference” fuels harmony, not discord!

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