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Are you ready to navigate the untamed terrains of the digital universe alongside your students? EDGEucating presents the most invaluable guide for your journey – the Digital Citizenship Pledge. Our mission is to empower your students by cultivating a respectful and responsible online presence. This comprehensive tool steps beyond teaching; it allows learners to truly grasp their role in the digital world, making them accountable and aware users of technology. Witness the transformation, get your free digital citizenship resource now!

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Why is Digital Citizenship Important?

In our increasingly connected world, knowledge of digital citizenship is critical. It takes students beyond merely knowing how to use technology, instead it teaches them how to use it responsibly, ethically, and safely.

Digital Citizenship encompasses everything from learning about copyright laws, understanding how to respect privacy to dealing with cyberbullying. It’s about fostering an environment where students can use digital platforms to learn, communicate, and collaborate in safe and respectful manners.

What’s in Our Resource?


  • The Digital Citizenship Pledge: A comprehensive agreement that every student makes. This pledge encompasses important aspects of being a responsible netizen.
  • Reflective & Interactive Questionnaire: A reflective page that repeatedly asks, “Are you being a good digital citizen?”. This encourages self-evaluation, introspection, and awareness.
  • Guidelines: Clear, actionable guidelines that students can follow to ensure they’re being responsible digital citizens.
  • Educational tips for educators: Helpful hints and tips that will assist you as an educator to teach digital citizenship effectively.

Ready to transform your students into respectful and mindful digital citizens?

Give your students the educational boost they need.

At EDGEucating, we believe in empowering you and your students for the future. This resource is one of the many steps in that direction. Let’s embark on this journey together to make our digital world a safer, respectful, and more productive space!

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