Scientific Classification: Living & Non Living Things

Budding scientists in grades 4-8 will engage in this digital Google Slide activity, distinguishing between living and non-living things. Using Google Slides, students will sort images and answer questions, making it suitable for daily assignments, homework, or assessment. This no-prep resource spans 3 slides and integrates Science, Biology, and General Science, providing a 30-minute lesson that can be easily uploaded to Google Classroom for convenient use. An answer key is not applicable for this activity.



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Budding scientists will distinguish between living and non-living things in this digital Google Slide activity.

Students will utilize Google Slides to sort images into the category of living or nonliving. Additionally, students will answer several questions related to identifying things as living or nonliving.

This activity can be used as a daily assignment, homework, or as assessment. The follow-up questions take the learning to a deeper level to ensure understanding. Being a sorting activity where students are organizing data digitally, this also makes a great ELA nonfiction activity.

NO PREP! Just upload it to Google Classroom and you are ready for the lesson.

Grade Levels: 4th – 8th
Subjects: Science, Biology, General Science
Resource Type: Activities, Assessment
Total Pages: 3 Slides
Answer Key: N/A
Teaching Duration: 30 minutes


4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th


Biology, General Science, Science

Resource Type

Activities, Assessment


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