The Dot- Literature, Art, Culture, and Social Emotional Learning

This unit guide for “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds is designed for grades 4-8. The book follows Vashti, an art student encouraged by her teacher to create a dot, leading to a journey of artistic exploration. The unit guide explores creativity in writing, art, cultural exploration, and social/emotional activities. It includes extension activities in Math, STEM, Robotics, and collaboration. Spanning 14 pages, this resource integrates Math, Writing, and Social Emotional Learning, offering a 2-week duration for a comprehensive exploration of creativity. An answer key is not applicable for this unit.





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The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds is a book that focuses on Vashti, a doubtful art student who is encouraged by the teacher to at least make a dot. The teacher’s encouragement blossoms into Vashti continuing to create art and encouraging others. This unit will be a guide for teachers to use in conjunction with the book to explore creativity in writing, art, cultural exploration, and other social/emotional activities. Extension activities in Math, STEM, Robotics, and collaboration are included.

Grade Levels: 4th – 8th
Subjects: Math, Writing, Social Emotional Learning
Resource Type: Activities, Cultural Activities
Total Pages: 14 pages
Answer Key: N/A
Teaching Duration: 2 Weeks


4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th


Math, Social Emotional Learning, Writing

Resource Type

Activities, Cultural Activities


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