Social Emotional Learning

State Test Stress Management

Teach Kids to Handle State Test Stress

In our relentless efforts to prepare students for state testing, it is crucial to acknowledge that success encompasses more than just acquiring subject knowledge.  Success encompasses more than just students taking state tests without becoming overwhelmed. While managing stress during state testing is essential, true success goes beyond that. Success includes students feeling confident in […]

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Empower students with personalized learning

Personalized Learning: Connection Over Content

In recent years, we have come to recognize that the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to education is no longer effective in meeting the diverse needs and learning styles of our students. Many students feel left behind and disengaged in the traditional classroom setting. It is time for us to prioritize the connection with our students over

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professional development for teachers

Professional Development for Teachers

Professional learning is an integral part of school culture and developing staff. Summer is a great time to reflect and revitalize yourself as an educator.  One area that applies to both of these is professional development.  Even though we know professional learning is important, a 2013 report on professional development (PD) by the National School Boards

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