3-D Printing: Vehicle Engineering Class Pack

Design Solutions includes three weeks of activities to illustrate how an engineer uses 3-D printing to prototype new designs. In that time, students learn about copyrights, patents, and trademark protection and how to use basic modeling software.


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Supply your classroom with car kits to use with your 3-D printer. This package provides all the parts needed to create 50 battery-operated cars; however, some parts can be made with the 3-D printer if desired.

What a great way to make teaching engineering more engaging and put those 3D printers to good use!

Grades: 6-12

Requires 3-D printer (not included) and curriculum (sold separately).

Requires additional materials that are sold separately. Please see product specifications for details.

What You’ll Get

Tools and Materials Required: 3-D printer (not included) and 3-D Printing: Vehicle Engineering Curriculum (sold separately)


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