Arckit Academy Education Bundle Age 4 – 7 Yrs


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We are proud to present the Arckit Academy Education Bundle for the 4 – 7 years age range.

This bundle is recommended for up to 24 students. All kits and accessories are reusable, open-ended and compatible with one another.

Education is undergoing seismic change to catch up with the fast paced world we’re living in today and so too are the tools for teaching new and essential skill sets.

Arckit offers a refreshing and sophisticated ‘hands-on & learn by doing’ approach that is unique to anything else available out there and educators are very excited about bringing it into their classrooms, library workshops and makerspaces.

The Age 4 – 7 Yrs Education Bundle consists of:

8x Greenscape Village Kit

4x Coastal Living Kit

4x Mountain Living Kit

4x Desert Living Kit

4 x GO Eco Kit

30x Building plates


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