Blue-Bot® and TacTile Code Reader

The perfect pair for a great programming experience! This set includes a Blue-Bot® Programmable Robot and a TacTile Code Reader.


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The perfect pair for a great programming experience! This set includes a Blue-Bot® Programmable Robot and a TacTile Code Reader.

Blue-Bot is a great resource to start learning coding and developing future-ready skills for our digital world, including understanding what algorithms are, creating and debugging simple programs, and using logical reasoning to predict the behavior of simple programs.

The Blue-Bot has a clear shell, so children can see the components inside – a fun way to view one part of its process! It’s Bluetooth enabled, which allows for multiple ways to program it. Children can use the buttons on the top of the robot for a simple, effective experience or use the TacTile Code Reader to get a tangible feel for programming that enables kids to plan out their code, send it to the robot, test, debug, and repeat!

There are also two apps available for controlling your Blue-Bot wirelessly. The Blue-Bot app enables users to code their robot using remote control functionality. Blue’s Blocs is an app complementary to the Blue-Bot, which allows for expansion of knowledge and teaching at greater depth in elementary computer science. Using a familiar block-based environment, students can program their Blue-Bot using extended functionality, which includes decision-making, numerical functions, Boolean operators, and the introduction of variables.

By seamlessly connecting the physical Blue-Bot device to the app via Bluetooth connection, students can kinesthetically embed computational concepts in their learning.

Available for download are user guides and teacher’s guides to walk you through getting started and enhancing hands-on learning experiences.

Blue-Bot and the TacTile Code Reader are both rechargeable; charging cord is included.

What You’ll Get

  • Blue-Bot® Programmable Robot
  • TacTile Code Reader
  • 25 standard TacTiles


Blue-Bot® and TacTile Code Reader:

SKU: W46689

Quantity: 1 Blue-Bot and 1 TacTile Code Reader

Brand: TTS

Type: Materials and Supplies, Robotics Sets

Grades: K-2


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