Communication Picture Board by EZ Vidatak

For a child with special communication needs, this communication picture board is convenient to use and covers a broad range of topics that may be applicable to a child throughout the day.  The keyboard area makes this board adaptable to any unspecified situation.



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EZ Vidatak Patient Communication Picture Board

For children with special communication needs, this item would be very helpful.  A picture board can be used in a variety of settings.  These settings can include the classroom, at home or a hospital.  An Innovation in Communication the JCAHO has improved their patient communication standards of care.  They did this by requiring hospitals and other care-giving organizations to document each person’s ability and means to communicate. The Vidatak EZ Board is an inexpensive way to help your organization meet the 2006 National Patient Safety Goals.

Additionally, the Vidatak EZ Board is the only clinical, research-based communication intervention.  It is for the non-verbal patients or residents. Patients with communication needs designed the Vidatak EZ communication board.  The Vidatak EZ Board reduces frustration and increases satisfaction with care. In addition, you will find the Vidatak EZ Board to be an essential communication tool for patients or residents with communication impairments. Moreover, using this board the verbally-disabled can express many things.  These things include their wants and needs.  It can also indicate the type, degree and location of pain that they may be experiencing.

Finally, the board features large, easy-to-read text in 16 languages.  It includes an “I Am” column to indicate state of being.  Also included is an “I Want” column to indicate wants and needs.  There are pictures of the body to indicate needs in a certain area.  Additionally, there is a color-coded pain intensity levels from 0-10 to describe listed discomforts.  The dry-erase covering allows for easy cleaning.

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