Creator 4 3D Printer

The Flashforge Creator 4 Series 3D Printer is a High-performance commercial 3D printer that offers:

  • Fine precision
  •  Interchangeable extruders
  •  Large build volume
  •  Durable stainless steel components

The Flashforge Creator 4 is available in two versions, namely the Creator 4-A and Creator 4-S, with the difference in the types of extruders that come with the printer.


EDGEucating Rating

Standard Alignments

Onboarding PD Provided

Advanced-Use PD Provided

Value Vs Cost


Additional Equipment Required


Prior Tech Knowledge Necessary


FlashForge Creator 4 3D Printer

The Flashforge Creator 4 is a professional FFF 3D printer for commercial use that combines functionality, flexibility, productivity, and top performance in creating end-use parts and functional prototypes. The machine is equipped with a fully enclosed chamber.

The Creator 4 series is suitable for Flashforge supreme filaments. This series is developed in cooperation with German LEHVOSS, and the raw materials are specially formulated by LEHVOSS. It reduces the heat shrinkage during printing and also decreases the warpage and the need for high chamber temperature. It meets the strength and temperature resistance required by engineering mechanics. The filaments are certified by the LEHVOSS German laboratory.
The Creator 4 series also supports third-party filaments.


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