Databot™ 2.0 Single

databot™2.0, an unstoppable STEMachine with 16 Incredible Sensors in One Device!

Weighing in at just 1.2 oz and standing only ¾” high, databot™ is a power-packed wireless, remote-ready scientific tool that brings the world of data to life instantly! The most versatile multi-sensor tool imaginable, databot™ packs 16 different science sensors, light and sound outputs, and is completely programmable and AI and Machine Learning enabled! databot™ connects instantly to your smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook allowing data to be visualized and explored in real-time!

Paired with our smartphone app, Vizeey™, streaming and exploring data of all kinds begins with the tap of an icon – it’s the easiest way to begin visualizing and exploring real data.


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databot™2.0 has arrived and is really shaking things up in science education! This tiny device is unstoppable for exploring everything from motion and magnetism to UV light, CO2 levels, and humidity. Never has exploring the scientific data that surrounds us been more affordable, approachable, or fun!

The 16 included sensors offer a variety of data collection capabilities for endless explorations in earth science, physics, life science, chemistry, and the environment! Completely programmable and enabled for artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, databot™ 2.0 also has programmable RGB LEDs and a tone generator, making it a rich resource for physical computing and developing coding skills. Paired with Vizeey™, an incredibly easy-to-use app for smart devices, streaming and exploring all kinds of data starts with the tap of an icon – it’s the easiest way to begin visualizing and exploring real data!

databot™ kits include everything you need to get started immediately including Vizeey™ software.

What’s Included in the Kit!

Everything you need to immediately begin conducting experiments, right out of the box, is included.

  • databot™ (it’s awesome)
  • Waterproof Temperature Probe
  • Micro USB Charging and Programming Cable
  • Lanyard

With a built-in rechargeable battery, multiple free software options, and two awesome packaging and storage options there is nothing more to buy or replenish, ever

Technical Requirements

For fast and easy science sensor experiments the only technical requirement is to have a smart device (IOS or Android) such as a tablet or smartphone with Bluetooth to connect to databot™. You download our free app, Vizeey, connect to databot and you’re up and running! For coding or other advanced applications the technical requirements for databot™ will vary depending on your setting and intended use, see the databot™ 2.0 Specs tab for more in-depth information on databot™ and all the ways you can use it!

databot™2.0 Curriculum

Their mission at databot™ is to make interacting with and understanding data and technology a beautiful, fun, and ubiquitous experience that crosses the traditional boundaries of all learning environments. The world is driven by data and we are driven to teach future generations how to use it for good. They create data-powered technology and brilliant learning activities that empower students everywhere to think deeply, explore with passion, and solve our planetary-scale challenges.

databot™ was created to function as a highly versatile, multi-purpose tool capable of enhancing activities in all the core sciences as well as STEAM topics such as coding and physical computing. They offer various types of lesson plans and activities that range from quick and easy starters to more in-depth classroom explorations. In addition, there are several how-to’s and getting-started tutorials for using databot in other applications such as Excel, programming with MicroBlocks® or Python, etc. Read on to learn more about the resources available to educators using databot™.


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