Quartet Dry Erase Sheets

Dry-erase sheets are a convenient, innovative solution for quick notetaking. These disposable sheets cling to the wall or other interior flat surface like a flipchart page but can be written on with Quartet dry-erase marker. Dry-erase ink easily wipes off to make updates as you work through a project. You can also use a permanent marker depending upon your presentation need. A static charge keeps the dry-erase sheets firmly in place, even on the wall, while you write. Dry-erase sheets come on a 40-foot roll and tear off into fifteen sheets. Perforated roll enables you to easily tear off in 31 1/2″ increments creating 24″ x 31 1/2″ sheets. Anywhere sheets are made for short-term projects: tear off, cling, write and toss away after a few days. Carton serves as a sheet dispenser. Dry-erase sheets are not designed for long-term use. After an extended period of time, the Quartet dry-erase marker will permanently stain the paper.



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  • The 40-foot roll contains 15 dry-erase sheets; a perforated roll enables you to easily tear off in 31 1/2″ increments creating 24″ x 31 1/2″ sheets
  • Dry-erase sheets are made for presentations on the go: tear off, cling, write and toss away after a few days; writing with a dry-erase marker allows quick changes with no mess; a permanent marker can also be used to match your presentation need
  • Sticks to almost any flat office surface and is designed for you to write on with dry-erase markers; a static charge keeps each dry-erase sheet in place for up to 12 months despite gravity
  • Package Weight: 1.134 kilograms

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