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Ideamapper is a powerful content-mapping, visual learning, and writing tool, that produces well-structured documents.

Ideamapper is an incredible tool that helps with writing for all kinds of school subjects and also gets you thinking sharply. It’s great for kids in 4th grade and older. Whether it’s science, math, projects, or if you need some extra help with learning, or are learning English, Ideamapper is perfect to add to your curriculum.

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Kickstart your writing journey with Ideamapper, where every masterpiece begins with brainstorming and culminates in a polished, structured document. Tailored to nurture diverse minds, this intuitive tool unfolds a visual learning playground for students who process information uniquely. Embrace the simplicity of Ideamapper, your one-stop application, and glide seamlessly from brainstorming to structuring, writing, editing, and finally, publishing your work. Time is of the essence, and with Ideamapper, every tick of the clock propels you closer to your finished piece while fostering a deeper understanding and engagement with your material. Unlock a hassle-free, enriched learning and writing experience with Ideamapper, and watch your ideas bloom on the screen, organized and ready for the world to see.

Ideamapper: Mind Mapping from a School Leader Perspective

“Mind Mapping is an excellent tool for students with learning differences. Many students with learning differences have a difficult time conveying thought processes to paper. Mind Mapping allows students to problem solve, be creative, and visualize, which then increases productivity. You will see an improvement in their overall thought process and especially in their writing skills. Mind Mapping not only increases abilities, but students’ self-esteem will soar. Mind Mapping allows a creative way to easily convey ideas in a well-thought-out, organized fashion. IdeaMapper is an ideal mind-mapping software. When using IdeaMapper students’ creativity begins to pour out. All students using it begin to excel. Their self-esteem increases and they become excited to learn! IdeaMapper is engaging, user friendly, and truly enhances the academic experience.”

Courtney M. Klotz, M.Ed, SMHS, BCCS
Executive Director/Head of School RS


  • Created for grades 4-12+
  • Captures Creativity
  • Increased Productivity
  • Broadens Understanding
  • Web Based
  • Easy to Use!



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