Say hello to the world’s first hybrid robot!

This purposefully designed education coding robot creates a rich and engaging way to teach & learn to code. Its small size defies its big abilities. KaiBot combines unplugged coding with included coding cards or uses KaiBot along with Blockly or Python coding that delivers an engaging immersive virtual environment.

For kids from 5 to 15.

Activities and Lesson Plans

Kainundrum, introduces computational thinking as a 21st Century skill, in a fun and engaging way, where virtual play matches the physical in single or multiplayer games. Unleash your creativity and develop cognitive skills while building confidence in children, challenging them to the next level of problem-solving and critical thinking.



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KaiBot Screen-Free and Hybrid robot

Screen-free or online multiplayer robot. KaiBot can scan and read the coding cards, then repeat the sequence on the floor or using the ‘special’ KaiTiles. When using with KaiTiles, the robot will identify the exact angle, x & y coordinates, and tile number. KaiBot can be paired with Kainundrum.com, allowing you to join other virtual robots online in maze races, hide n seek, escape rooms, and many more games.

How does KaiBot work?

KaiBot uses an innovative downward-facing camera that can read Kai coding cards as well as sense what tile number and position it is on.

KaiBot can work screen-free, or via the KaiBot simulator called Kainundrum.

KaiBot charging dock and tiles

KaiBot can either be charged using the included USB cable or the optional Autonomous Charging Dock for self-charging!

These simple screen-free or unplugged coding cards are an excellent activity to teach and introduce the basics of coding to your kids. They were developed by teachers & parents with text coding principles and various levels of difficulty to master the essential coding concepts with syntax and examples.

Note: KaiTiles are recommended to enhance KaiBot’s capabilities. With KaiTiles, KaiBot has accurate X, Y reading and works with Kainundrum for lessons and the virtual world.

Digital Cards

Download these Free Coding Cards, print them out and get your kids to perform the actions represented by the cards.

Physical Cards

Get your students to lay out their code card sequences and then program KaiBot, by tapping KaiBot on each card.



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