Kai’s Clan Automated Warehouse Mat

 Kai’s Clan Automated Warehouse Mat

Kai’s Clan Automated Warehouse mat, paired with the Kai’s Clan bots, opens up a whole new world for students.  This mat helps students grasp the inner workings of online ordering and it’s behind the scenes process.  This is problem solving and project based learning at its finest!  Not to mention, engagement is no longer a factor with Kai’s Clan.  Students and teachers alike love it!

Required Teacher Devices:

Kai’s Clan Start Pack or Kai’s Clan Classroom Pack
Wireless Internet
1 x iPod touch, iPhone iOS 9+ or Android 8+ phone (use for Kai’s Eye Robot Tracker app)
Computer with either Windows 10 with Chrome 70+
Chrome OS with Chrome 56+
Mac OS X 10+ with Chrome 56+

Required Student Devices for coding Kai’s Clan:

Modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Edge
Wireless Internet


This high-quality neoprene mat is designed for classroom use. It is easy to clean, durable, and folds away neatly without creasing.

  • Mat Size:
    980mm x 980mm
  • Grid size:
    800mm x 800mm
  • Material:
    Neoprene – machine washable, which helps to keep things clean!

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EDGEucating Rating

Standard Alignments

Onboarding PD Provided

Advanced-Use PD Provided

Value Vs Cost


Additional Equipment Required


Prior Tech Knowledge Necessary


 Kai’s Clan Automated Warehouse Mat

Kai’s Clan Automated Warehouse mat, combined with its’ mixed reality AR, VR, and 3D lessons, gives students an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in logistics & warehousing to get the latest gadget delivered to your door.

Is buying something as simple as just one click?  This mat will help students discovery what happens after the click, inside the warehouse.

Kai’s Clan is a platform where the physical and the virtual worlds merge to become an interactive learning playground, with the goal to nurture an interest for coding in children.   With the Kai’s Clan Starter Pack, students can code their robots to navigate the mat in real-time, wherever they are in the world. Through designing their own robot avatars and environments a fusion of the real world and virtual world come to life. Kai’s Clan breaks the traditional geographical barriers to bring kids from around the world together and allow them to solve challenges in exciting new ways. Through design, coding, and collaboration students can see their code come to life in augmented and virtual reality. You may be sitting in a Mars Rover driving around Mars, or in a forklift in a warehouse or in a helicopter flying over a busy metropolis. You can interact with all the other robots and objects in your environment in a true multiplayer gaming experience. 

Be sure to check out our articles about the importance of AR and VR  and teaching coding in the classroom.

Kai’s Clan Automated Warehouse Mat is designed for classroom use and is easy to clean, durable and folds away neatly without creasing.

Included with this mat is a matching virtual warehouse environment that you can view in either:

  • 3D with your Chrome, Safari, or Edge browser
  • Augmented Reality with a compatible Android or iOS device
  • Virtual Reality with a compatible Android or iOS device

Included with the mat are several lessons and simulations in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses. Students simulate full cycles of automated picking of items, similar to those found in Amazon and Alibaba warehouses.

Access a wider selection of coding lessons or even create your own!

Bring your student’s code to life like never before!

What’s in the box?

  • Durable Adventure Mat made from Neoprene
  • Kai’s AR VR Virtual Viewer app available for download in the Google Play or App Store
  • Kai’s Eye Robot Tracker app available for download in the Google Play or App Store
  • Access to over 35 curriculum-aligned lessons
  • Teacher-created community STEAM projects with no subscription costs!


  • Designed with teaching coordinates and navigation in mind.
  • 8 x 8 grid system
  • 800 mm x 800 mm, x & y coordinate system
  • Printed top view of a simulated warehouse terrain that matches the virtual view
  • Matching Virtual Reality view with Free Kai’s Clan Virtual Viewer app via Android & iOS stores.
  • Matching Augmented Reality view with Free Kai’s Clan Virtual Viewer app via Android & iOS stores.

Get Kai’s Clan bots for your mat:

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Kai’s Clan Starter Pack

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