Finally, a screen-free robot appropriate for your young learners!

Meet KIBO – The playful and creative STEAM coding robot! With KIBO, young learners in PreK-5th grade create, design, decorate, and bring their own robot to life with screen-free, hands-on programmable robotics.

The KIBO robot kit is based on 20 years of child development research and lets young learners build, program, decorate, and run their own robots. KIBO is used in over 60 countries with proven efficacy in helping kids learn STEAM—and getting them excited about it!  KinderLab offers a complete suite of curriculum to integrate STEAM elements into any subject.

According to EdTech Digest, cross-curricular STEAM lessons help students recover lost ground in core academic areas and inspire them to practice SEL skills like collaboration and teamwork.  KIBO was featured in this news segment, “Children use building blocks to learn how to code“! You can see the screen-free, fun and educational KIBO robot in action in a classroom at the McKendree Elementary School in Lawrenceville, GA.

STEAM learning has never been so much fun!

When children code with KIBO they are learning invaluable skills that will lead them on the path to success in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) skills, and future careers. As they learn all these coding skills, they will think it is just play!

Specific, powerful, and positive learning outcomes when working with KIBO include:

  • Improved sequencing ability in early childhood;
  • Mastery of foundational coding and robotics skills;
  • STEAM success: Integration of robotics across curricula; and
  • Positive impact on underrepresented groups in STEM fields.

Learn more about KIBO and see it in action HERE


  • KIBO Activity Center Package: 4-6 students
  • KIBO Small Classroom Package: 10-12 students
  • KIBO Large Classroom Package: 20-24 students
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Check out our KIBO Playbook for everything you need to get started and check out KIBO.

The KIBO robot is backed by tons of research.  Check out this case study for more information.  It was developed by KinderLab Robotics whose mission is to offer research-based solutions for universal STEAM literacy for all children.

KIBO Packages:

  • Activity Center Package: 4-6 students
  • Small Classroom Package: 10-12 students
  • Large Classroom Package: 20-24 students

Choose the package that fits your classroom and your budget!

All packages include:

  • Robot Kits
  • Pack of Engineering Design Journals
  • Pack of Assessment Workbooks
  • 2 hours of Training (via phone or web conference)
  • Activity Cards
  • Creating with KIBO core curriculum OR Growing with KIBO 60-hour core curriculum
  • Activity Center Guidebook
  • “KIBO Says” class programming game
  • 2 posters: KIBO and Engineering Design Process
  • Express Yourself! and Showtime With KIBO! add-on curriculum (KIBO 21 only)


Each Kit serves 2-4 children with small-group engagement. Select packages of 2, 5, or 10 robots to fit your classroom or equip a “KIBO corner” stations activity. Choose between KIBO 18 packages (enough to deliver all of our core curriculum) or KIBO 21 packages, which include fun add-ons and expanded activities.


All of our STEAM curriculum is backed by 20 years of research and has been designed to support early elementary educators and students. Classroom packages include a carefully selected set of materials to ensure your success. You’ll receive our core standards-aligned curriculum, plus additional teaching materials and supplemental resources.


Training is vital to success with any product. So KinderLabs ensures that each classroom package comes with two 1-hour virtual training sessions, for one lead educator. These are hands-on, one-on-one sessions with a KinderLab trainer. The first hour is an intro to the robot and early childhood technology pedagogy. The second hour is follow-up PD. Start on the right foot with PD!


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