Matatalab Coding Set

Meet Your New Coding Friend

It’s time to explore! Matatalab Coding Robot Set allows kids to place colorful coding blocks on the wireless connected control board, and the command tower will send commands to control MatataBot. Through the fun and tangible coding activities, kids start developing the basic mindset of computational, mathematical and creative thinking.

Bring the award-winning Matatalab Coding Set home and start your coding journey with it!

  • No experience needed for the kids or parents.
  • Easy-to-use coding blocks designed for kids to splash their creativity and turn their coding command into fun tangible learning experiences.
  • Excellent activities created by STEAM education experts to guide kids to develop an interest in coding and stimulate their creativity by starting their first coding project

Train the brain and protect the eyes

Designed to teach kids computational language concepts through allowing kids to physically place the coding blocks. Hands-on learning marks one of the best ways to educate kids from 3-9 years old. Meanwhile, it protects kids’ eyes from the digital screen and makes the learning process engaging.

3 progressive challenge booklets to allow kids to practice problem solving skills through playing.

Implementing a Cross-curricular Learning

Different colors of coding blocks of different commands such as direction, number, loop that allow kids to learn coding concepts. Through free Matatalab learning resources that are created by STEAM education experts, kids will learn more about DIY, math and science through coding with Matatalab coding set.

Kids Friendly and Parents Friendly

Fun engaging activities that make the family time! Parents can assist kids to DIY creative maps, decorate their MatataBot and more to enjoy the coding set together. Kids can design their own stories and games


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The Matatalab Coding Set, appropriate for students ages 4 to 9, is a block-based, tangible programming tool that allows students to move a robot through an environment by way of a Bluetooth-enabled command tower and board.
Matatalab’s “Coding Like ABC” tangible blocks allow students to perform and demonstrate 21st Century Skills by learning through play. With this educational tool, students learn and play in tactile ways without the need of a tablet screen or an app. Very young students may benefit from this tool since it does not require reading skills for success.

What’s in the box:

    • 1 MatataBot
    • 1 command tower with image recognition camera
    • 1 control board
    • 37 pieces of coding blocks
    • 3 challenge booklets
    • 1 double-sided game map
    • 1 USB-C cable
    • obstacles and flags


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