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Learn science with hands-on, digital, interactive teaching aids and simulations!

Students can learn science effectively with over 100 science simulations they can touch, hold and interact with! Merge provides the only viable alternative to physical teaching aids. With Merge EDU, science teachers can explain concepts more effectively, STEM programs can expand beyond the classroom, and schools can introduce powerful new educational technology.

Merge EDU includes NGSS-aligned topics for K-8th grades, like Physical Science, Life Science, Earth & Space Science, and other STEM areas.

Inspire your teachers and students to develop technology fluency using mixed reality.

  • Experience technology that will shape the future
  • Easy to set up and use for both teachers and students
  • Take students on virtual field trips with 360° videos



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Merge EDU Classroom License serves 30 simultaneous users for 1 year.

Merge has made some revolutionary changes in education! Many schools and teachers use Merge EDU Classroom License to show their students things that were only spoken about before. Imagine seeing and holding something instead of only reading about it and if you are lucky enough, seeing an extremely old and low-quality photo of it. Everybody has been there at least once during their education journey.

Nowadays, children are provided with something that will forever etch memories in their brains. Not only is it easier for students to remember and learn, but it is way more fun. All ages of students are able to feel and touch different animals, see old artifacts examine rare minerals and rocks, and much more.

Students can learn science effectively with simulations they can touch, hold and interact with! Merge allows students to investigate a smoking volcano, examine a great white shark up close, hold and explore the solar system, dissect a frog (humanely!), and so much more. With easy-to-follow activities and built-in quizzes, students gain key knowledge while immersed in learning, both in the classroom or while remote learning at home.

Merge EDU includes NGSS-aligned topics for K-8th grades, for multiple areas of Science & STEM.

All Merge EDU Classroom Licenses provide access to:

  • All Science Simulations
  • All Digital Teaching Aids
  • All Activity Plans & STEM Projects
  • Teacher Dashboards
  • Free Success Resources
  • Integrations with Select SSO / Rostering Tools

What are people saying about Merge EDU?

“If you want to get a glimpse of how technology will change education, pay attention to what Merge is doing.”  —Leslie Fisher, EdTech Influencer and Keynote Speaker

“This is probably one of the most classroom-friendly apps that merge makes. It is well worth the money to purchase this app and use it in the classroom. It will work for elementary, middle school and high school levels and they are constantly adding more lessons. By purchasing the educator platform you get full access to this app as well as an upgraded object viewer. This comes with a full library of objects already pre-created as well as additional great features.” – Amber K. (Teacher)

Check out this video to see Merge EDU in action.

Check out our article  AR and VR In the Classroom to learn more about how AR & VR benefits students.

The key benefits of Merge EDU:

  • Spreads the investment over 3 major educational missions
    Science, STEM, and Future Ready programs
  • Your investment is usable in many different scenarios
    • In-class, remote, or hybrid; teacher-led or student-led
  • Helps teachers be more productive by saving prep time


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