Modern Museum Architecture Set

3Dux Rocket Ship Design Set

3DuxDesign’s Rocket Ship Design Set will blow you away! This kit includes all the cardboard pieces and connectors necessary to create rockets that can soar to anywhere that your students can imagine. It includes access to lessons that offer a fun and engaging platform to inspire students to imagine, design, and build solutions to real-world problems.  It comes with high-interest lesson plans that blend creative thinking with STEM subjects and is Common Core and NGSS aligned.

The Modern Museum Kit PROMOTES STEAM EDUCATION – (science, technology, engineering, art, math) with a focus on physics, geometry, deductive reasoning, problem-solving, experimentation, and complex spatial thinking.  This kit really encourages the ART of STEAM.

At 3DuxDesign, they believe innovation is not only about math and science but also art, design, the environment, and people. Through community-centered project-based learning, children are encouraged to imaginatively and practically think through solutions to real-world problems. Students are inspired to build structures and environments using the 3DuxDesign award-winning architectural modeling system.  And they are empowered as they share their ideas and collaborate with the 3Dux Global Community.

These kits are perfect for:

  • classroom projects
  • school science projects
  • STEAM programs/camps
  • prototyping and invention based clubs
  • birthday gifts
  • Christmas gifts

Warning: choking hazard – small parts


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3Dux Modern Museum Architecture Set

The Modern Museum Architecture Set is perfect for young designers with an appreciation of the arts. This kit includes all cardboard pieces and connectors necessary to create the proposed architectural design along with extra components to let the imagination take over.

3Dux sets come with an assortment of 3D printed connectors and geometric cardboard shapes.  These kits can be used with most single-ply cardboard and they work with 3Dux University lesson plans and independent projects.

Color it, redesign it, and build it out with your own cardboard. There is plenty of material in this kit to add furniture, art, and characters to your creation. The connectors are engineered to fit most single-ply cardboard your young designer will never run out of material or shapes to build with and will learn about creative repurposing of shipping boxes.

Please note the choking hazards due to small parts.

The lesson plans are one of the BIG ADVANTAGES you get when purchasing any of the 3Dux kits!

CREATIVITY IS KING! The 3DuxDesign mission is to inspire today’s youth to become tomorrow’s innovators. This open-ended construction kit gives kids the tools to imagine, design, build and then refine their creations. By adding your own repurposed cardboard, children have the endless raw material to work with and learn about creative repurposing while they build. 3DuxDesign cardboard modeling sets offer the perfect building and prototyping materials for students of all ages.  With 3DuxDesign cardboard construction, we offer today’s children the tools to make a better tomorrow.

Why 3DuxDesign Kits?

PROMOTES STEAM EDUCATION AND PLAY-BASED LEARNING – (science, technology, engineering, art, math) with a focus on physics, geometry, architecture, problem-solving, fine motor, and complex spatial thinking.
INSPIRES EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN TO REIMAGINE AND INNOVATE – Uses color, form, design, and architecture, to engage children (and adults) to think outside the box – construct a futuristic city, a castle, a farm, a marble run, a diorama for your school project, prototype your invention – the options are endless.
3DuxUniversity, their online project-based learning hub, gives you the tools to make the most of our sets at home and in the classroom.

3DuxDesign’s Mission:

At 3Dux, we realize STEM education isn’t just about math and science—it’s also about art, the environment, and humanity. We encourage children to imaginatively and practically think through solutions to real-world problems by building structures and environments using the 3DuxDesign award-winning architectural modeling system. With a huge assortment of geometric forms and connectors engineered to fit most cardboard, children never run out of raw material to work with and learn about creative repurposing while they build.  3DuxDesign unleashes the imagination and inspires the change-maker in every child.

3DuxDesign is truly a family business.  It was founded by two siblings Ayana and Ethan Klein.  Their parents help run the daily operations.  Marci Klein, their mother, brings over 20 years of experience as an NYU Medical School-trained clinical and academic pediatrician. With a solid understanding of child development, safety, and health issues, she has helped gear the product design to be highly engaging, educational, and developmentally appropriate.

No messy glue or expensive tape, these connectors have the additional benefit of allowing students to rework and refine their projects over and over again.  3DuxDesign connectors can be used for model making of any type… creating buildings, vehicles, entire communities, bridges or use the science fair projects and prototypes.

The Modern Museum Architecture Set Contains:

• 34 connectors
• 38 cardboard pieces (one side white)
• 4 crayons
• recommended for ages 5 yrs and up


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