Osmo Little Genuis for iPad

Osmo Little Genuis for iPad

The preschool entry product into the Osmo universe, the Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad includes everything your child needs to experience – hands-on learning and digital fun in four different ways through 4 games. We know kids learn by doing, so each game uses physical action. Engage preschoolers in core subjects and spark imaginations (ABCs, Squiggle Magic, Costume Party & Stories). From pre-reading to problem-solving skills, these games will inspire a new generation of active learners. Osmo games bring a child’s creative imagination to life with hand held pieces that interact with an iPad and an Osmo Base (No WiFi necessary for game play). The Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad ships with an Osmo iPad Base. Approved by parents and teachers worldwide, used in over 31, 000 classrooms.

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Osmo Little Genuis for iPad

Osmo Little Genuis for iPad is designed to instill a love for learning.  This kit features preschool learning toys that develop the whole brain. These 4 interactive learning games are perfect for early learners to learn core subjects through imaginative, hands-on play.

What can you do with Osmo Little Genuis?

  • ABC’s- Build letters with squishy, colorful Sticks & Rings for preschoolers/pre-readers. Learn over 300 words and practice 50+ different phonics sounds.
  • Squiggle Magic – Create anything you want using Sticks & Rings and then watch them come to life.
  • Costume Party – Experiment with clothes & colors to make party outfits – gender neutral character. Then watch characters react.
  • Stories – Mix and Match costumes to find silly solutions to obstacles & navigate adventures.

What is Osmo Little Genuis for iPad?

This Osmo Learning System uses physical game pieces with digital technology.  If your child is a music lover, coder, drawer, or aspiring mathematician, they have educational games for them.

OSMO IS MAGIC: Award-winning learning games let your child interact with tangible educational toys and an iPad, bringing their actions to life. A hands-on learning adventure awaits your little genius (No WiFi necessary for game play). An Osmo Base is included, an iPad is not included, both are required for game play.

TEACHING: Little Genius Starter Kit includes fun preschool learning toys that will transform how your child learns. The 4 educational games in the kit will help your child recognize letters and learn phonics (ABCs), develop pre-drawing skills (Squiggle Magic), identify social-emotional cues, and experiment with clothes and colors (Costume Party), and develop problem-solving skills (Stories).

SKILLS LEARNED: 4 educational games – your child will develop creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, verbal proficiency, empathy, and spatial reasoning. These interactive learning games teach core subjects in the most innovative way possible.

AGE & CAPABILITY: Designed for ages 3-5. Educational games engage preschoolers in core subjects by merging tactile exploration with innovative technology. Beyond fostering creativity and cognitive skills, these educational toys help your child learn in a stress-free environment with instant feedback and encouragement.

COMPATIBILITY FOR IPAD: All iPads except Generation 1, iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12. 9-inch. The minimum iOS version needed is iOS 9.

Skill Level: Beginner


Osmo Base & Reflector for iPad, 19 cardboard pretend play costume pieces, 38 silicone sticks/rings (BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe) to practice letter forming, silicone game play mat, stackable storage for game pieces & 4 Game Apps: ABCs, Costume Party, Stories, and Squiggle Magic.

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