Genius Gems Magnetic Tiles Robot Tracks for Ozobot

A new way to engage with line-following robots, such as Ozobots

Transform your magnetic tiles into a futuristic playground! Genius Gems Robot Track Tiles are attracted to magnets but are not themselves magnetic. That means they will stick to magnetic tiles (sold separately), but not to each other. Our premium quality backing ensures a strong and reliable grip and are as easy to use as magnetic tiles.

See Ozobot Evo starter kit


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Genius Gems Robot Tracks – 30 Assorted Square Magnetic Tiles

Works with Ozobots!

Perfectly compatible with your Ozobot robot (may not work with all line-following robots), these tiles help bring your creative vision to life. Make your robot zip, zag, and zoom on a track of your own design, and watch in awe as it follows your planned route, turning your living room into a raceway, a maze, or even a robotic city!

No markers, paper, or stickers needed! Easy to use, with no waste or frustration.

Check out Ozobot Evo Starter Kit to pair with your Genius Gems Robot Tracks.

Ozobot Evo’s Features:

  • App-connected – level up and unlock upgrades with EVA as you make creations and play games like Ozo launch (works with most iOS & Android devices)
  • Two ways to code – code Evo online with the Ozoblockly editor or screen-free with the stroke of a color code marker.  Teach Evo new tricks with OzoBlockly code. Load your code to Evo with the app, or simply by holding Evo up to your screen. Or, go screen-free and code Evo with colors. Find inspiration and creative possibilities anytime in the app.
  • Grows with you – track your steam skills, connect with friends, and find infinite creative ideas in the app
  • By adding the Ozobot wooden puzzle set you can purchase Ozobot Evo and that one robot would grow with the student from K-12.

See a demonstration of Ozobot.

Evo comes with tons of cool Tricks, all made with code. Power Evo on and interact with its sensors to trigger Follow, Music, and Escape Tricks. Connect to the app to add friends, play games, and discover ways to hack Evo’s tech.  Add these tracks for stress and mess-free fun!

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