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1 in 5 students learns differently!  Readeezy can help!

Readeezy is a digital book series that combines the best of technology and literature to engage struggling readers and improve comprehension, retention, and vocabulary. It includes illustrations, animations, and interactive questions that help struggling readers build confidence in their reading skills.

By actively participating in the story instead of passively reading it on a page they will be more engaged in what they’re reading which will help improve comprehension skills overall as well as retention over time!

They are low-cost to provide maximum accessibility for ALL students!


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Readeezy is a digital book series dedicated to young adults who are challenged readers.

Readeezy is a digital book series with interactive features dedicated to young adults who learn differently and are challenged readers.  Students love it!

All the features students need to help with comprehension and engagement:

  • illustrations on every page
  • animations
  • gaming checks for understanding at the end of every chapter
  • age-respectful stories
  • accessible reading levels

Readeezy’s books are based on research and they work!

How Does It Work?

Each book in the Readeezy series is broken down into chapters that are designed around engaging topics such as animals, sports, music, art, and more! Each chapter also includes several interactive elements like text-to-speech functionality for vocabulary practice or dynamic illustrations that come to life when the reader swipes or taps them on their device’s touchscreen. This helps students gain a deeper understanding of each topic by reading about it in context while also developing their own critical thinking skills by interacting with the content.

It’s designed to help them improve comprehension and retention through active participation in the story. The books include illustrations, animations, and interactive questions that spark an interest in reading more, as well as improve vocabulary using text-to-speech technology.  The interactive questions are designed to improve comprehension and retention.

Who created It?

Readeezy was developed by Maria Finaro Cleary. Maria is a school superintendent with a disabled daughter who pretty much stopped reading when she was about 11 years old. In fact, she struggled so much with books that she often said, “Reading makes my brain hurt.”

What are others saying?

“The visual tied with the auditory is a perfect balance/combination for someone who might feel challenged by reading. This content is perfect for High Interest and Low readability. These stories/books can help build a love/interest in reading and build vocabulary, reading fluency, and background knowledge. In addition, the “I’m stuck” prompt provides students with an easy way to answer and a reminder to ask for help. This takes away embarrassment and frustration as well as providing a reminder that it is OK to ask for assistance.”
Dr. Julie Norflus-Good
Professor, Special Education, Ramapo College

Readeezy can be used in the classroom or at home by parents and/or educators.  Learn more HERE.



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