Snap Circuits Explore Coding Kit

Snap Circuits Explore Coding Kit

Over 30 different electronic building and coding projects are contained in this exciting Snap Circuits electronic STEM building set. Build various functioning circuits for lights, fans, sirens, recording and playback, series and parallel circuits, and other fun electronics and use the free downloadable coding app to program and control various aspects of the circuits. Kids can even try BLOCKLY coding to control some of these circuits. This hands-on electronic building kit provides easy to follow app-driven projects and helps kids develop STEM skills in both circuitry and coding. This coding toy for kids features the snap on, Snap Circuits Bluetooth enabled coding module. This engineering kit does require the use of either an Apple or Android based smart phone or tablet for coding purposes (sold separately). Simply download the free app from either the App Store or Google Play to enable your smart phone or tablet. Follow the color-coded, detailed instruction sheets to provide step-by-step directions on each project, making learning both easy and fun. Once the circuit is assembled, use the coding app to control the various functions of the circuit and learn about electricity, building circuits, and basic and BLOCKY coding. This STEM based learning activity will provide hours of fun and learning. Ages 8 years and up Elenco’s Snap Circuits makes learning electronics easy, educational, and fun!

As a teacher, I have used snap circuits in my class for more over 8 years.  My students love it and learn so much from it.  It keep them learning and engaged for hours!  In addition, the level of understanding for circuitry they gain is far superior with snap circuits than with any other product or illustration that I have used.

Elenco Electronics has been supplying schools, universities and businesses with quality education tools, components and kits for nearly 50 years.  This is a quality product.  I have been using the same kits in my classroom for years.

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I don’t recommend the Rover Kit, Light Kit, or Sound Kit.  The same concepts are covered in the Jr, 300 or Extreme 750 kits, which I do recommend.  You don’t get the same bang for your buck with these other three kits (Rover Kit, Light Kit, or Sound Kit).  Students are quickly board with the Rover kit, in my experience.


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Snap Circuits Explore Coding Kit

Snap Circuits Explore Coding Kit, from Elenco Electronics, includes over 30 different electronic building and coding projects.  This kit features the Snap Circuits Bluetooth powered coding module and free downloadable Snap Circuits App for hours of coding fun.  Students will develop STEM electronics building and coding skills using this coding educational kit.

This kit is perfect for classroom or individual use.  It includes a Bluetooth powered Snap Circuits module, base grid, snap and jumper wires, battery holder, diodes, lamp, resistors and switches, a speaker, electronics modules, a whistle chip, transistors, motor, detailed color-coded instructions, and more.

  • Requires 4 AA alkaline batteries, sold separately
  • Requires Apple or Android smart phone or tablet for coding process (sold separately)

What’s in the Snap Circuits Explore Coding Kit?

  • Bluetooth powered Snap Circuits module
  • base grid
  • snap and jumper wires
  • battery holder
  • diodes
  • lamp
  • resistors
  • switches
  • a speaker
  • electronics modules
  • a whistle chip
  • transistors
  • motor
  • detailed color-coded instructions


  • No Soldering
  • No Tools
  • It’s a Snap


They are endorsed by educators worldwide and used in schools, libraries, museums, and STEM educational programs. Snap Circuit’s patented Circuit Safe technology is unique to Snap Circuits branded products, makes learning circuitry safe. Snap Circuits products are well known for their commitment to education have won many awards, including Toy of the Year (TOTY), ASTRA’S Best Toys for Kids, Parent’s Choice Recommended, Good Housekeeping’s Best Toy, Family Choice, National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA Gold), Children’s Choice, Dr. Toy (100 Best Children’s Products, 10 best Educational Products, Green Toy Company), KAPi Award, and the inaugural Seriously STEM Award.

Elenco, the makers of Snap Circuits has been supplying schools and universities with STEM kits for nearly 50 years.

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