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What began as a group of weekend builders and teachers coming together to create easy-to-use projects has now grown into a company with a passion for creating fun and practical educational products and kits.  Founded in 2012, Brown Dog Gadgets now offers educational products and do-it-yourself kits as well as consumer retail products. Equipping everyone from young 3rd-grade learners to experienced mountain climbers; Brown Dog Gadgets offers a wide variety of products tailored around alternative energy. We supply our customers with the freedom to explore life with their favorite gadgets by their side, thus reducing the world’s dependence on traditional power sources.

This organization is another by educators for educators which is AMAZING!  They are by STEM Educators for STEM Educators.  STEM is their focus.  However, we feel they should say STEAM because many of their sets incorporate the arts.  Their kits and projects are designed to unlock creativity in all students.

This particular kit is possible due to a Partnership between Brown Dog Gadgets and Maker Maven.  It came about during the pandemic when at home STEM Solutions were necessary.  This is how STEM Bags were born.


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STEM Bags make it easy for students to continue project-based learning from any location and on any budget.

These STEM Bags are available due to a Partnership between Brown Dog Gadgets and Maker Maven.  During the pandemic, at-home STEM Solutions were necessary.  Maker Maven and Brown Dog saw a need and filled it.

If you are still operating remote learning or are a parent looking for a little extra for your child to do at home, these small bags are great.  They are also an excellent solution for teachers on a budget or in a small class setting.  STEM Bags are priced per unit and include multiple activities. They are ready for easy roll-out with school lunch distribution or can be mailed directly to students’ homes (additional shipping charges apply).

Warning: Kit includes small parts and batteries. These are a choking hazard. Not intended for children under the age of 10.

They are perfect for:

  • Remote learning
  • Homeschooling
  • Parents and kids to play with at home
  • Small classrooms or groups

STEM Bags contain:

  • 1 Bristlebot
  • 1 Solar Bug
  • 2 rolls 5M Maker tape (32 feet in total)
  • 5 CR2032 Batteries
  • 10 LEDs (2 blue, 2 white, 2 green, 2 red, and 2 blinking red)
  • ‘Advanced Paper Circuits Parts’ which would include transistors, resistors, and light-detecting resistors
  • Self Sticking Vibrating Motor
  • Binder Clip
  • Clothes Pin

The Solar Bugs in this kit will need sunlight in order to work.  If you want to test them indoors with a flashlight, we recommend the flashlight we have linked here.  Not all flashlights work.


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