SuperDville: A Social-emotional Learning Program

1 in 5 students learns differently!

SuperDville is made to address these students specifically.  SuperDville is a social-emotional learning program where different learners make a difference!  However, research shows that it helps all students:

  • Develop SEL skills (self-esteem, resilience, empathy, etc.)
  • Identify their strengths and challenges as learners
  • Acquire useful self-advocacy tools for school and beyond

SuperDville is the only evidence and research-based, peer-to-peer, video-based social-emotional learning (SEL) program designed for kids who learn differently.

Review the research HERE.

Subscription Type: Student Subscription

Subscription Length: 12 months

Topics: Social-Emotional Learning


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SuperDville is a social-emotional learning program where different learners make a difference!

With this social-emotional learning program, teachers can easily discuss social and emotional learning themes and implement student activities ranging from individual to small group projects, putting SEL learning themes from each video into action.

Who created SuperDville?

Academy Award-winning filmmaker and dyslexic Peggy Stern created SuperDville for schools, teachers, psychologists, tutors, homeschoolers, after-school programs, libraries, parents, and anyone working with 2nd-6th graders who learn differently.

How Does SuperDville Work?

Watch videos and complete activities with 7-12 year-olds to teach social and emotional learning.  Each episode is a short educational video that stars learning disabled (LD) kids and addresses a wide variety of social and emotional learning themes.  Created by teachers, each lesson includes objectives, social and emotional learning themes, discussion questions, and activity prompts.  The videos are designed to create a peer-to-peer mentoring experience.  Additional student activities are offered to reinforce key themes throughout the school year.

What are others saying?

The Wall Street Journal – Logos Download

According to The Wall Street Journal, “Part of the allure of The SuperD! Show is that it’s production values seem as professional as any network TV children’s show, with entertaining scripts and polished young actors.”

Original Programming:

Created by professionals, parents, and kids with learning differences.

Real Life. Real Kids:

Starring authentic actors, real kids, with learning differences.


Input and implementation by psychologists, neuroscientists, and teachers.

Uses Creative Evaluation Methods:

Uses a variety of creative activities to evaluate different types of learners.

Use SuperDville during morning meetings, class circles, and brain breaks to build culture and community!


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