Tale-Bot Pro Classroom Set

The Tale-Bot Pro Classroom Set, designed for educational use, includes 6 Tale-Bot Pro units and extensive learning materials, targeting children aged 3 and up. This entry-level robotic kit, enhanced with innovative technology and interactive maps, introduces basic coding concepts and storytelling, fostering creativity, logical and computational thinking through game-based learning. Key features include a plastic storage bin, 42 activity cards, a 10-port USB charging station, the ability to input up to 256 commands, record 30-second audio files, use washable markers for drawing, support for 10 languages, three sets of accessories compatible with Lego blocks, and lessons on commands, sequences, and loops.


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Designed for classroom usage, Tale-Bot Pro Classroom Set includes 6pcs of Tale-Bot Pro and rich learning materials. It is an entry-level learning robot set for kids aged 3 and up. Leveled up with innovative technology and with a wide range of cross-curricular Interactive maps, kids can learn basic coding concepts, and manipulate a robot to develop stories in a smart manner. Through game-based play, kids can improve skills of free speaking, and storytelling, while their creativity, logical thinking and computational thinking skills are exercised.

Key Features

  • With plastic storage bin, convenient to store
  • With Activity Cards of 42 activities and a 10-port USB charging station
  • Up to 256 commands can be entered
  • Up to 30 seconds can be recorded per audio file
  • With washable markers to draw shapes
  • Speaks 10 languages
  • 3 sets of accessories and compatible with Lego blocks
  • Teaches Commands, Sequences, Loops

Whats incluided

  • 6 * Tale-Bot Pro
  • 12 * Assembly accessories
  • 12 * Washable markers x12
  • 18 * Double-sided Map
  • 1 * Challenge booklet
  • 1 *Configuration card
  • 1 *Callout Stickers Quick Guide
  • 3 * Callout Stickers
  • 6 * Command Cards
  • 1 *User guide
  • 2 * Paper Crafts
  • 1 *Activity cards
  • 6 * USB-C cable


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