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One way to support special needs children who have communication needs is the Tiny Talker.  The Tiny Talker is a simple way for you to communicate through a speaking device. Simply press a button, and it speaks for you. It has a simple 12 button design and clear voice audio to allow you to express basic wants and needs.


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Tiny Talker Speaking Device

This is a very inexpensive way to try out a speaking device. You can buy one for home, one for school, and one for caregivers. The Tiny Talker is small enough to fit in your pocket and go with you anywhere. The unit runs on a small battery. No chargers. Unlike iPad apps and augmentative communication devices, The Tiny Talker is ready to go when you need it. No need to find the device, open the app, and search the screen for what to say. Its portability means it is always handy – which should help to avoid fits and meltdowns when your loved one wants to express himself immediately.

Speaking device that has large 3/4″ square buttons are soft and easy to push for most of those with fine motor delays. The Tiny Talker would be helpful for young babies, non-verbal children and adults, aging adults, stroke victims, and more. Sounds include: I’m Sorry, Television, More Please, I Want to Play, I’m Thirsty, Hungry, No, Yes, Help Please, Hurt, All Done, Bathroom. This is the best option to try before you buy an expensive AAC. It helps the user advance on a simple, low-cost device before advancing to a costly unit.


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