VinciBot Classroom Set

The VinciBot Classroom Set, tailored for educational environments, includes 6 VinciBot coding robots and a wealth of instructional resources, aimed at children aged 8 and above to foster computer science knowledge and boost confidence in STEAM fields. This set promotes active learning and creativity, allowing children to engage in hands-on projects such as music, dance, and art, while encouraging learning through experimentation and collaboration. Utilizing MatataCode software, it bridges block-based to text-based programming, enhancing computational, design, and engineering thinking skills, preparing children for the digital future from an early age.

Key features:

  • a plastic storage bin for easy storage
  • 75 activity cards
  • a 10-port USB charging station
  • support for Scratch and Python
  • a 16×8 programmable LED light matrix
  • compatibility with Lego and various sensors for diverse projects
  • 21 musical instrument sounds for creative music composition, integrating coding, art, and music seamlessly


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Designed for classroom usage, VinciBot Classroom Set includes 6pcs VinciBot coding robot and rich learning materials. It is for children aged 8 and up to learn computer science and build confidence in STEAM subjects.

VinciBot encourages learning by doing, and imagination by empowering children to build real-life projects, especially creative music, dancing, and drawing in autonomy and cooperation with the right to learning by making mistakes.

With MatataCode software, children can manipulate robots through block-based to text-based programming while developing computational, design, and engineering thinking – educating your children about the evolving digital age from a young age.

Key Features

  • With a plastic storage bin, convenient to store
  • With Activity Cards of 75 activities and a 10-port USB charging station
  • From graphical to text-based programming:
  • Supported Scratch and Python
  • Multiple functions to create limitless play:
  • 16×8 Programmable LED light matrix
  • Modifiable to work with Lego, drive shaft, optical fiber plug, etc. 8+ sensors: IR
  • transmitter/receiver, light, ToF ranging, sound, line follower, and color recognition, etc.
  • Perfect integration of coding, art and music:
  • More precise movement and drawing to bring students’ creativity into reality
  • 21 musical instruments sound for music creation

What’s Included

  • 6 * VinciBot Coding Robot
  • 6 * IR remote control
  • 6 * Double-sided map (blank map/line following map )
  • 1 * Challenge booklet
  • 1 *User guide
  • 6 *Washable marker
  • 1 * USB-C cable
  • 1 * USB charging station
  • 1 * Activity cards


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