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Creative Ways to Celebrate ‘Get Caught Reading’ Month Beyond the Books

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May is a special time in the educational calendar. Not only is it Teacher Appreciation Month, a period to celebrate the hard work and dedication of educators everywhere, but it also marks “Get Caught Reading” Month. This unique celebration offers an excellent opportunity for teachers to foster a love for reading among students, an endeavor that promises to immeasurably enrich their academic and personal lives.

As we enter this month, it’s crucial to recognize the power of reading. Reading unlocks the imagination, opens doors to new worlds, and lays the foundation for lifelong learning. Thus, “Get Caught Reading” Month isn’t just another event; it’s a call to action for educators to ignite every student’s passion for reading.

Leveraging “Get Caught Reading” Month in the Classroom

To make the most of this month, we should consider innovative and engaging strategies that encourage students to delve into the world of books. Here are a few ideas:

Readers Theater

1. Introduce Readers Theater

Readers Theater is an interactive approach that transforms reading into a dynamic group activity. Below are a few of my favorites:

By having students work in pairs or teams to create and perform scripts based on books, we achieve several educational goals simultaneously. This method:

  • Enhances comprehension: As students “distill” stories to their essence, they improve their understanding.
  • Builds critical thinking: Deciding what details are essential for the narrative fosters analytical skills.
  • Encourages collaboration: Working in groups teaches students to value different perspectives.
  • Develops communication skills: Through writing, speaking, and listening, students practice conveying ideas effectively.

Moreover, sharing these performances with other classes or the wider school community can be a delightful way to celebrate students’ hard work and creativity.

2. Capitalize on Community Centered Programs

  • Virtual Author Visits: Utilize webcasts from events like the National Book Festival to bring authors into your classroom, giving students a unique insight into the minds behind their favorite stories.  You can also use programs such as Meet the Maker from LP Bookspace.  The Meet the Maker Series explores potential career opportunities from applying Augmented Reality (AR) in books and beyond, focusing on STEAM and literacy skills. The program aims to inspire and encourage students to explore potential careers based on their interests and aspirations.
  • One Book Program: Join or initiate a program where the entire school or grade reads the same book, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.  The feeling of belonging is more important to students than many realize.
  • Letters about Literature: Encourage students to connect personally with literature by writing letters to their favorite authors sharing how their stories have impacted them.

Books Characters Jump off the page

3. Promote Reading through Innovative Platforms

Two standout resources that deserve special attention this month are Readeezy and LP Bookspace.

  • Readeezy is an engaging platform designed to make reading accessible and enjoyable for learners at all levels. Its intuitive interface and personalized reading paths ensure that students improve their reading skills and grow to love the process.

Readeezy is a fully digital library for struggling adolescent, teen, and young adult readers. Their books are unique, with illustrations on every page, interactive questions, and age-respectful stories at accessible reading levels.

  • LP Bookspace takes the reading experience to another level by integrating interactive elements that bring stories to life. This tool can be particularly effective in captivating the attention of reluctant readers, demonstrating that reading can be as engaging as any game or movie.

With Living Popups, you can bring storytelling and interactive experiences alive through the power of augmented reality. Their projects are rooted in purpose, empathy, humor, and cutting-edge technology and analytics to deliver ultimate engagement.

Their app is completely free, and individual books can be purchased HERE.

Strategies for Engaging Students in Reading

Beyond specific programs and platforms, the essence of “Get Caught Reading” Month lies in fostering an environment where reading is a celebrated part of daily life. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Reading Challenges: Create fun and inclusive reading challenges that encourage students to explore different genres and authors.
  • Book Clubs: Facilitate student-led book clubs that allow for deeper discussion and connection over shared reading experiences.
  • Creative Book Reports: Encourage students to present book reports in creative formats, such as posters, videos, or even social media campaigns, to share their insights and recommendations with their peers.

Wrapping Up the Year with Reflection

As the school year draws to a close, “Get Caught Reading” Month provides a perfect opportunity for reflection. Invite students to share their favorite reading experiences from the year, discuss the books that moved them, and set personal reading goals for the summer and beyond. This not only celebrates their achievements but also sets the stage for a lifelong reading journey.

In conclusion, “Get Caught Reading” Month is more than just a campaign; it’s a reminder of the transformative power of reading. As educators, we have the privilege and responsibility to cultivate a culture of reading that will inspire our students for years to come. Let’s embrace this opportunity to make reading an adventure that every student is eager to embark on. Together, we can turn the simple act of getting caught reading into a celebration of knowledge, imagination, and community.

About the Author: Alicia Verweij

Alicia is a seasoned educator that is passionate about teaching children to think critically, problem-solve, and function in an ever-changing digital world so that they will be prepared for future careers. She’s an active supporter of new educators and is known as an innovator in STEAM education. As a teaching veteran of more than 12 years, she holds a Master of Education in Educational Leadership, a B.S. in Business Management, an Alternate Route Education Certification, and an endorsement in Gifted Education. She is an educational influencer, founder, and consultant at EDGEucating LLC.

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