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Transforming Stories into Experiences

  • An app to engage readers
  • Data to measure outcomes
  • Increase reading comprehension and enthusiasm

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Unleash the Power of Reading with AR

LP Bookspace transforms reading into an engaging experience through augmented reality, making stories come alive with educational prompts that not only entertain but also enhance learning and comprehension. This innovative app acts as a “Virtual Tutor in Your Pocket,” providing instant feedback and data to support targeted instruction by educators.

Transforming Stories into Experiences with Living Popups

  • An app to engage readers
  • Data to measure outcomes
  • Increase reading comprehension and enthusiasm

This AR experience provides educational prompts that guide and entertain students’ learning as they read.

In the moment data collected from their AR popups, Living Popups supports teachers by enabling them to provide targeted instructions where it is needed most.

LP Bookspace is Backed By Research:

A recent report on the reading crisis suggests several approaches to provide:

• Opportunities for collaborative environments recognizing reading as a social activity.

• Relevant reading texts and activities to engage students.

• Tools to measure and support students’ progress in vocabulary, comprehension, and other literacy skills; and

• Confidence building for student success.

All students need strong vocabulary and comprehension skills to gain knowledge.  Research shows participating in a shared reading experience increases students’ understanding and interest in reading. “Children’s engagement during a read-aloud can  be increased by creating anticipation regarding the story, making predictions about what  will happen in the story, making connections with the characters, and by utilizing dialogic  reading strategies.”  Living Popup uses dialogic reading strategies as a method of engagement.  Dialogic reading means having a conversation, or dialog, about the story as the educator reads with the students. The conversation brings the story into the student’s world to make it more meaningful.

You can get started right away!

Just scan the QR code, download the App, and pick a book from the library. Point the camera at the book cover or one of the illustrated pages. It’s that easy.

How Are They Doing?

  • Winner of the 2022 Terhune Foundation Grant
  • Winner of the 2023 Herbert M. Citrin Charitable Foundation Grant

In schools across the country, LP Bookspace is making a difference. In a recent survey, they found:


Words Matter. Engagement, Content Creation & Data Essential.

Through amazing augmented reality, character Pop-ups become Virtual Tutors in Your Pocket. Each popup prompts key questions or reflections as you read through the app. The data collected within LP Bookspace’s dashboard shows readers’ unique strengths and where they need support.

Integrated and Measurable

Showcasing the LP Bookspace dashboard and how it can help drive instructions.


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