Merge Cube

Merge cubes let students learn with hands-on, digital, interactive teaching aids and simulations!

The Merge Cube lets you hold virtual 3D objects, enabling an entirely new way to learn and interact with the digital world.

Now students can explore a galaxy in the palm of their hand, hold fossils and ancient artifacts and examine them like a paleontologist, watch as a volcano erupts before their eyes, and create virtual objects that they can hold and share.

How it works

  • 1Download and launch Cube apps on your smartphone or tablet.
  • 2Point your device at the Cube.
  • 3Watch the Cube transform into a virtual object you can hold.

Merge is an award-winning product:


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Merge cubes offer the power to hold the digital world in the palm of your hand!

The Merge Cube revolutionizes the way we interact with the digital world. With the power to hold virtual 3D objects in your hand, you can now explore the galaxy, get up close with ancient artifacts, and even witness the eruption of a volcano, all from the comfort of your own home.

With the Merge Cube, you are no longer bound by the limitations of traditional 2D screens. The cube works by simply downloading and launching Cube apps on your smartphone or tablet and pointing it at the Cube. Watch as it magically transforms into a virtual object you can hold and interact with.

Compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows 10, the Merge Cube even works with the Merge Headset for an even more immersive experience. But that’s not all, Merge Cube works with Merge EDU, a K-8 standard-aligned STEM platform for learning and creation. The Object Viewer and Merge Explorer apps are available for free and paid options.

The Merge Cube is a revolutionary tool for educators and learners of all ages. It empowers students to hold and examine complex concepts and objects like never before, making learning more engaging, interactive, and fun. Get your Merge Cube today and unlock the power to hold the digital world in the palm of your hand!

“If you want to get a glimpse of how technology will change education, pay attention to what Merge is doing.”  —Leslie Fisher, EdTech Influencer and Keynote Speaker

Check out our article  AR and VR In the Classroom to learn more about how AR & VR benefits students.

Compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows 10 and can be used with the Merge Headset.

Merge Cube works with Merge EDU, their K-8 standard-aligned STEM platform for learning and creation. This includes the Object Viewer and Merge Explorer apps. Both apps have free and paid options.


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