Ozobot Coding Stickers

Ozobot Coding Stickers allow even the youngest students to code easily!

This sticker set develops creativity and logical thinking while teaching the basics of programming.

This set is designed to work with the entire Ozobot STEM coding robot line.

Evo won the Toy Insider’s Top Holiday Toy, Academic’s Choice Brain Toy, National Parenting Products, PC Magazine Editor’s Choice, and TWICE Picks awards. Evo has also received some rave reviews from TIME, Mashable, TechCrunch, USA Today, Wired, and Reader’s Digest.

By adding the Ozobot wooden puzzle set you can purchase Ozobot Evo and that one robot would grow with the student from K-12.

See Ozobot Evo starter kit


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Ozobot Coding STickers

The Ozobot Coding Stickers assist in developing creativity and logical thinking while also teaching the basics of programming.

This set is designed to work with the entire Ozobot STEM coding robot line.

HELPS IN CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT – Thanks to the addictive play with Ozobot stickers, children are actively learning the basics of programming while developing creativity and logical thinking.

DIDACTIC TOOL – The stickers are an excellent teaching tool for developing strategic thinking. They combine creativity and coding.  They allow students to create complex routes and loops that Ozobot has to overcome without the need to draw the codes correctly.  This is great for younger students.

5+ YEARS OLD – The youngest programmers, by arranging sticker routes, practice precision movements, and fine motor skills, thereby developing the efficiency of the fingers.

Evo may be small enough to fit in your pocket, but the bot connects you to a global community of creators and inspires some seriously big ideas.  This wooden puzzle set make Ozobot fit even the young beginner bot.

Check out Ozobot Evo Starter Kit to pair with these sticker or the track tape.

Ozobot Evo’s Features:

  • App-connected – level up and unlock upgrades with EVA as you make creations and play games like Ozo launch (works with most iOS & Android devices)
  • Two ways to code – code Evo online with the Ozoblockly editor or screen-free with the stroke of a color code marker.  Teach Evo new tricks with OzoBlockly code. Load your code to Evo with the app, or simply by holding Evo up to your screen. Or, go screen-free and code Evo with colors. Find inspiration and creative possibilities anytime in the app.
  • Grows with you – track your steam skills, connect with friends, and find infinite creative ideas in the app
  • By adding this Ozobot coding sticker set you can purchase Ozobot Evo and that one robot would grow with the student from K-12.

See a demonstration of Ozobot.

Evo comes with tons of cool Tricks, all made with code. Power Evo on and interact with its sensors to trigger Follow, Music, and Escape Tricks. Connect to the app to add friends, play games, and discover ways to hack Evo’s tech.

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