The Little Possum Who Looked Up

Little Possum Who Looked Up is part of a cyber safety book series, titled The Tweeting Galah and teaches kids to look up from their screens.  This book was written by Kim Maslin.  Kim is a passionate educator and author currently living in Esperance, Western Australia.  Her background is in ICT and has taught learners aged 5 to 85 years old how to use digital technologies.

Online/digital safety is a major concern in this day and age.  This book and others in the series are a great way to introduce students to these concepts.  See what others are saying about this book.

Editorial Reviews

“I am a huge fan of Kim Maslin’s cyber safety stories! The Little Possum Who Looked Up is another fabulous title to add to my technology-themed children’s book list. This story is very relatable for kids and adults alike, as it addresses monitoring screen time and learning to be present by spending quality time with the people you love. The rhythmic rhyme of the words makes this story flow beautifully!” – Julie Smith, The Techie Teacher

“We are living in a technological world that allows us to connect, learn, and be entertained in unprecedented ways. This beautiful children’s book, Pebbles the Possum gently reminds us that our use of technology needs to be balanced and not displace face-to-face connection, communication, relationships, and experiences. The Little Possum Who Looked Up provides us all with an opportunity to reflect on our use of technology and the wonderful experiences we can share together online and offline.” – Kayelene Kerr – Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness Specialist, WA Child Safety Services

Editorial Reviews

“Pumped to have received these brilliant eSafety-themed story books from Kim Maslin. Already had a play with the AR cards and can’t wait to share them with my students” – Primary Teacher & Instructional Leader, Victoria

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The Little Possum who Looked Up

In 2017, Kim launched a cyber safety book series, titled The Tweeting Galah. This collection of short stories is designed to educate children on how to be safe and happy online, with the use of augmented reality technology accompanying the vivid illustrations.

Kim’s ongoing vision is to spark a love and understanding of technologies in those she teaches, particularly to help drive more girls into STEM-related careers. She hopes to play a significant role in helping people of all ages use technology in a safe way.

This book has some correlated activities with Ozobot.  You can find the links to these free activities on our Ozobot Playbook.

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