Cubetto Adventure Packs

Cubetto adventure packs open a world of adventure!

Cubetto Adventure Packs expand student learning using maps and educational challenges that take your child on epic coding adventures.

Designed for use with the Cubetto Playset (sold separately), Adventure Packs expand Cubetto’s world with new coding challenges to master.   There are 7 different adventure sets to choose from.  Each set offers new and exciting challenges.  Each Adventure Pack contains a map and a storybook.

Cubetto is an award-winning, playful wooden robot ideal for introducing programming to young learners.  This wooden robot teaches kids the basics of programming by using hands-on blocks to write programs.

In March 2016, Cubetto 2.0 was noted as the most crowdfunded EdTech invention in history.  That same year it joined a select group, that includes the likes of Apple, Lenovo, Bose, BMW, and others, as a winner of the Red Dot “Best of the Best” award.

This friendly wooden robot only gets more fun when you add various adventure packs to him.


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Cubetto Adventure Packs will open up new worlds!

Cubetto adventure packs enhance your Cubetto experience by allowing your friendly, wooden robot to explore various worlds and civilizations.  Every Adventure Pack expands Cubetto’s world with new coding challenges to master. Learn algorithms, debugging, and functions, with a big dose of fun.

Cubetto is a playful wooden robot ideal for introducing programming to young learners.  This wooden robot teaches kids the basics of programming through adventures and fun games using screen-free coding.  By taking coding off of the screen and into the real world, Cubetto creates a programming language kids can touch and interact with.  Kids help this friendly wooden robot find his way home using hands-on blocks to write their first programs.

Cubetto is a smiling wooden robot built to teach the basic ideas of coding to children as young as 3 years old.

Meet Cubetto HERE!

How does Cubetto work?

A coding language you can touch and manipulate. Each block is an action. Combine them to create programs.

green Forward yellow Left red Right blue Function   Backward  Negation  Random

The Cubetto blocks, when placed on the control board, trigger signals that are sent to the robot and tell it to execute certain actions based on the combinations of the blocks. Three of the four blocks represent simple commands — forward, turn left, and turn right — so children can easily understand the relationship between inputs and outputs.

The fourth block, the “command” block, acts as a shortcut representing the sequence of commands in the bottom, a boxed-off row of the control board, which is used for creating loops or subroutines in programming. Kids can simply place blocks into the slots on the board and push the button, prompting Cubetto to follow the commands in real time!

What’s included in the Cubetto Adventure Packs?

Designed for use with the Cubetto Playset (sold separately), Adventure Packs expand Cubetto’s world with new coding challenges to master.   There are 7 different sets to choose from.

Each Adventure Pack contains:

  • 1x Map
  • 1x Storybook

The World Map is a durable, 1×1 meter, fabric map that helps you plan your adventures.  The accompanying storybook is full of progressive activities and challenges.

Adventure Packs:

Logic Pack

Maximize your Logic Blocks with a set of storybooks and flashcards that teach new logical concepts with new friends and adventures.



Blue Ocean Adventure Pack

A submarine voyage below the waves. From bubbling underwater volcanoes to sunken treasures. Swim beneath the icebergs of the North Sea, and up again.


Deep Space Adventure Pack

A trip to the fringes of our solar system. Visit the International Space Station, Mars, and Jupiter. Wave at our pale blue dot from the depths of our galaxy.



Ancient Egypt Adventure Pack

A historical journey to the Great Pyramids. Learn about long-lost civilizations and hieroglyphics. Unearth ancient treasures, and solve the Sphinx mysteries.



Big City Adventure Pack

A fast-paced ride through a bustling metropolis. Negotiate high traffic between dizzying skyscrapers, and take in the parks, markets, and landmarks. Beep beep! What a buzz!



Swarming Swamp Adventure Pack

Brave gator-filled waters in a damp and swampy adventure. Board a propeller-powered boat and save the day with your coding skills.



Polar Expedition Adventure Pack

Experience a heart-thumping Arctic race. Slick through icy plains, past polar bears, and weather stations. Travel by starlight under the Northern Lights.


Who was Cubetto made for?

Cubetto is recommended for grades PK-2 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Learn more about this robot from parents and kids in the following videos.

Code & Play – Emily’s Story

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