Finch Robot 2.0

Students at any level can get coding with Finch!

Educators have access to sample code in multiple coding languages, free PD courses, printable classroom resources, & more! The digital programming tutorials guide teachers & students step-by-step, so no experience is required.

See what educators have to say – 

It is really exciting to have the kids be totally engaged with the Finch Robots the entire 90-minute block and not want to leave at the end of class.

– Terri Kelly, High School Computer Science Teacher, Alexandria, 


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The Finch Robot 2.0 can bring computer science to life from kindergarten to college!

This is an award-winning robot powered by micro:bit.   The Finch is an educational robot that combines multiple sensors, LEDs, & a wide range of capabilities into one incredibly powerful, user-friendly, & versatile package. Use your Finch Robot with a tablet or smartphone, Mac or Windows computer, or Chromebook. Programming options include icon-based, block-based, & text-based coding, which means the challenge & creativity never end!

Extensive Online Free Resources and No experience necessary!

Free programming tutorials guide students from powering on through coding each light, motor, & sensor within the Finch. Tutorials include reflection questions & challenges.

The Finch is a tool to learn computer science (CS) in an engaging, creative way! The learning modules teach CS concepts like boolean data & variables through hands-on activities.  Activities are designed to address many different standards within curricula.

Not only does this robot offer a longer run time than others; but the rechargeable battery is also designed to be removable in the event a replacement is needed.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for grades K through College
  • Works with Tablets, Chromebooks, Mac, Windows
  • Offers 9 Programming Languages
  • 7+ hour Battery Life
  • Has 8 Inputs (Sensors) + 4 Outputs (Motion, Light, Sound)

See him in action in this video.

The Finch Robot 2.0 can be purchased individually, in class bundles, and with or without the micro:bit.  You also have a choice of a wide variety of accessories.  Discover more here.

BirdBrain Technologies, the maker of Finch Robot 2.0, also offers Hummingbird Robotics Kits.
 CLICK HERE to request a demo!


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