Bloxels Game Studio Pack

Bloxels is TRUE gamification in education!

Game building for everyone. Bloxels is a simple yet powerful way for anyone to create characters, art, stories, and games to share with the world. What will your students (or you) build? Get ready to find out!

Get into Bloxels and create the ultimate game-building setup for your students.  Get your students gaming and problem-solving today!  Students will love collaborating as they work together to build the ultimate game that they can then share with friends and family.


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The Bloxels Game Studio Pack

Bloxels is designed to empower young game designers, artists, storytellers, and kids alike to create their own video games. With the Bloxels Game Studio Pack, you can level up your classroom engagement!  This kit includes enough materials to serve up to 5 students. This kit is perfect for a small group or center activity.

Meet Bloxels®, a first-of-its-kind technology that enables you to build, capture, design, play, and share your very own video games. Designed with blocks, a universal element of childhood play, Bloxels cultivates imagination while encouraging discovery and exploration. With Bloxels, you can realize your own video game ideas, build and animate original characters, develop villains, add in power-ups, and more – all done directly on the Bloxels® Gameboard and then activated with the FREE Bloxels® Builder App and your mobile device.

Bloxels is a tool that allows you to create your own platformer video games using physical blocks, a Bloxels board, and the Bloxels App. You can create game layouts, pixel art for your game, animations, backgrounds, and also your own character for the game.  You create everything on the Bloxels board and then bring it into the Bloxels App by just taking a picture with your device’s camera.

Although it is designed for ages 6-13, they have been used in all levels of K-12.  They are supported by a wide range of devices.  You can see more details here.  You will need a subscription in order to utilize the Bloxels app.  Internet access is required for use.

Check out this video of Bloxels in action.

Take your classroom to a new level and get students engaged across a variety of subjects by utilizing Bloxels.

The Bloxels Game Studio Pack Includes:

  • 5 Bloxels Student Accounts
  • 1 Gameboard
  • 400 Blocks
  • Digital copy of Bloxels EDU Educator Handbook
  • Bloxels EDU Student Workbook

Bloxels EDU Student Workbooks provide brainstorming techniques, storyboards, grid sheets, and planning guides to help jump-start kids’ creativity. The Educator Handbook, available in the Hub, provides guidance on setting up a “game studio” and additional support in brainstorming and planning great games!

Perfect for small group activities in a classroom, an after-school club, or a homeschool group, the Game Studio Pack contains one Gameboard, 400 Blocks, a Student Workbook, and a one-year Bloxels EDU subscription with access to the Bloxels app and EDU Hub.

With Bloxels Game Studio Pack educators can integrate Bloxels into subjects such as language arts, history, science, and more.


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